Today I am lining up my Valentine’s Day Gifts. I am picking out my flowers and getting them scheduled to be delivered to my home so that I am not scrambling at the last minute, or like I did with my Christmas Cards, wait so long that I never get them out at all. (Yep, totally blew it on the Christmas Cards).  I decided that traditional flowers are expected and appreciated on Valentine’s Day, so I am sticking to bouquets.
I am doing them myself to save money and to get exactly the looks I want. I am also doing some floral arrangements for this year’s Super Bowl and you can too with my DIY ideas.

I am so excited to put together a bouquet for my husband! Guys are not typically wired to like flowers and my husband is one who would not appreciate a red, pink and purple display of my affection. Therefore I am creating him a Floral Valentine Gift in the colors of the college football team that he still loves so much. I am certain that having this on his desk at work will make him proud instead of feeling that it is “girly”. (Yes, my husband is quite concerned with keeping his macho image intact). I am making it DIY custom by using team logos and the football mascot holding a heart with a sweet sentiment, all tucked into the floral arrangement! For the bouquet I have 50 different custom colors to choose from just in roses alone, so it is easy to create exactly what I want. The site I am on at also customizes carnations in a ton of colors too not to mention they carry the huge assortment of naturally colored flowers to choose from. I can make anything I want for any occasion at all. With the right colors and collection of flowers and my own team additions, this bouquet is going to be really cool! (Below I have written the 5 easy steps to create your custom team or Valentine Day bouquet.)

I am also doing something very similar for friends of mine who are having a Super Bowl Party. I am making two large, gorgeous bouquets to take to their party as a Thank You gift that compliments the Super Bowl  theme.

One bouquet will be in the colors of the Ravens with deep purple, gold and white.

The other will be maroon, gold and white in the colors of the San Fransico 49ers.

Not only will these floral arrangements be a stunning décor for the day, but it would be fun to use these two team bouquets as a door prize that two people can take home after the game! Or we could raffle off the losing team and the party hosts could keep the winning team’s bouquet as a Thank You for the party.

Would you like to do this too? You can DIY your own team bouquets easy from home.

1. Once you have your flowers arranged in a large vase, you are ready to find the team logos online and print them from the computer onto heavy card stock paper. Also make sure to print two Super Bowl logos from this year in equal sizes approximately 3 x 5.
2. Carefully cut out the various team designs from the paper and attach them to a floral stick from the craft store or even sticks from your yard using a hot glue gun.
3. Tuck in and arrange these logos among the gorgeous display of flowers.
4. On each vase add a big bow in the team colors as well. Use ribbon in the team colors or just a solid color for each team vase.
5. Depending on the type of bow you have, hot glue the Super Bowl logo either to the center of the bow or to the opposite side of the of the vase on the ribbon.

These arrangements will look incredible! And dont forget that you can use your imagination to make any theme that you want! I of course would love mine vintage by printing, cutting out and making vintage Valentine’s Day cards glued to the floral sticks. You could do Thomas the Train, Fancy Nancy or even one filled with paper candy hearts blown up and used in the arrangement. Have fun creating your masterpiece.