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It is so fun decorating my little space in the kitchen for the holidays. Perhaps you have a mantel or desk top or shelves that you use for seasonal decorations. I have an area of my counter that is visible as you walk into the house and is also at the center of the kitchen, dining room and living rooms so it is a very festive place to have decor.  I change it for seasons, holidays and occasions. Here are some ideas of what I did for Valentine’s Day that I hope will inspire you. Plus, there is a free printable if you would like to use it for your own home!

Candy, decorative jars, flowers and lots of color are the secrets to my success. A good message is important too so I used “Home is where the heart is” for mine.


You can drag and drop the image to a word doc, size it as you like and print it right up! Use a smaller version like I did or make an 8 x 10 to frame!

Free Printable Home is Where the Heart Is - jenny at dapperhouse

I used gumballs and cinnamon disks for the candy which smell so good with the cherry scented red candle.


Straws of course are always a fun addition and bows are just beautiful everywhere!


I have these fake flowers until I go get a mini red rose bush from the garden store.


And the “T” stands for my last name although I could have used a “V” for Valentine, and “L” for Love, etc.


How are you decorating your home for Valentine’s Day this year?