Hello Supermom! Here is another fun activity to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your child. These are fun and easy finger puppets ready to make from a free printable. All you need is a pair of scissors and less than 30 minutes to have some good quality fun! Once you have your finger puppets on, you and your child can make the Valentine characters do a funny dance, sing a song, race across the table and more. It is time to get silly!

Valentines Day finger puppet kids activity free printable @dapperhouse

You will need:

  • paper
  • printer
  • scissors
  • clear tape

1.)  Pint this:

Valentine’s Day Finger Puppets free printables from jenny at @dapperhouse

valentine finger puppets free printables @dapperhouse

2.) cut out the finger puppets

free printables to make Valentine finger puppets with your child @dapperhouse Valentone's Day

3.) At this point you can cover the puppets in contact paper or clear tape to make them durable. Either way, continue by cutting the holes where your fingers will go.

make these fun printable finger puppets for free @dapperhouse

4.) PLAY!

Stop back in to find more fun ways to spend Quality Time with your child!

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