Tupelo Honey Cafe in Downtown Asheville NC for Real Southern Food

Tupelo Honey Cafe is a renowned Southern food restaurant that we visited in downtown Asheville, North Carolina.  Their “scratch-made” foods change seasonally because they use responsibly sourced ingredients as the foundation of every dish. They use ethically raised meats. They use fruits and vegetables pulled and picked with the earth in mind. They take pride in their Southern food and hospitality.

Not only do they have good business ethics, but their food really is amazing. There was over an hour wait to be seated, but everyone was talking about how it is worth every bit of the wait and I agree.

We went for Brunch. They bring biscuits to your table while you wait for your food, so I ordered a side of gravy (vegetarian milk gravy) to experience the true flavors of the south.

Paul ordered the Southern Shakshuka for $14. It was two baked eggs, Goat cheese grits, avocado and creole sauce.

I ordered Avocado Toast & Eggs, also $14. On the thick whole grain toast was farmer’s cheese, Aleppo pepper, red chili honey drizzle, and mashed avocado. I asked for two egg whites instead of fried eggs and it was served over fresh mixed greens.

You can look here to find Tupelo Honey locations.

Would you like to learn about the farms that Tupelo Honey sources their foods from? Here are their purveyors.

Tupelo Honey has generously shared some of their recipes so that when we live far away but still crave the Southern Greatness, we can replicate it at home.

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*some photos are mine and some belong to Tupelo Honey.

19 thoughts on “Tupelo Honey Cafe in Downtown Asheville NC for Real Southern Food

  1. Oh damn!! I am so hungry and I just ate, the Avocado toast & eggs looks absolutely delicious and love that they bring biscuits whilst you wait.

  2. Being from the northeast, I love southern food and don’t get it all that often. The food here looks SOOOO good.

  3. I can not get over how delicious everything looks. I haven’t tried a lot of Southern food before, but this makes me want to drive over and try it!

  4. There is a Tupelo Honey location in our town and we love it. It’s really great for brunch or for special occasions.

  5. I see that okra peeking out in that first dish. Tupelo Honey Cafe sounds like a place I’d like to visit. I love farm to table as you can really taste the difference.

  6. We enjoy all different types of southern food. We don’t live close but always enjoy when we make it down.

  7. WOW, all of that food looks absolutely amazing! I am a former southern girl and your post made me homesick…and hungry!! 🙂

  8. When I imagine a restaurant that serves stylish comfort food, this is it. I love everything about it, from the decor to the entrees…sooo yummy!

  9. I wish there was a place that served anything even remotely close to this by our house. Ever since we lived in Iowa we have been disappointed by the food over and over again, this looks great!

  10. Woah, this all looks so good! I would have trouble picking just one thing to eat. My husband and I strategically pick entree items so that we can try more than one thing. Team work! This restaurant looks amazing!

  11. Okay I’m officially starving haha! This all looks SO delicious. I have never heard of this place in New York – sounds like I need to plan a trip, I think I NEED this menu lol!

  12. The Tupelo Honey Cafe sure looks like a haven for foodies. Southern food is the best. It just makes you feel so good inside and every spoonful is pure gastonomic pleasure. I wish they had branches up here in the northeast!

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