One of my MOST favorite ways to pass time is to go Treasure Hunting.
I dont even by anything half the time,
I just love to go and check out the goodies!
I finally got to go yesterday for a bit and here is a snippit of my travels…
From the Kitsch to the Curious to the Cute….its all FUN!
DIY handmade seashell puppy with google eyes

A small candle. I guess if you have
a bad dieting day you could burn it in spite?

A very large ceramic lamp of a girl in an
oversized bonnett holding a weiner dog…
is the shade too modern for this lamp?
Or is the lamp too wrong for the lamp?

YEAH! A vintage clown piggy bank so snuggly and cute!

An antique clown planter
(the plant goes in the back of his oversized clown britches)
But WAIT! He is also musical!!!!!
Turn his key and his head spins around to the
tune of Yankee Doodle Dandy.
Wait what?
Kisch Heaven!

Just your run of the mill AWESOME Clown Head.
It doesnt light up, no music, not even a slot for coins…
just an awesome clown head.
And you know I LOVE that turquoise BOW!
This antique is SO Darling because of the features of the
glasswork and the color.
But, the mommy and baby chained together is a little sad.

CONFESSION TIME: I am a Die Hard Animal Lover.
That is my main motivation behind being a vegetarian.
I do Not always agree with Peta and I am not an “Activist”,
just an animal lover.
I dont remember going to a circus when I was little although I may have.
I didnt go to many carnivals either,
and my children have only been to a few.
I suppose I dont know why I love Vintage Circus and Carnival so much…
I cant stand the animal cruely side of it and the
exploitation of disabilities back in the day.
I DO appreciate that many people with disabilities joined
 the circus as a means to earn a personal income and they were not mistreated or embarrassed. Times now have changed.
I have heard and read stories about circus animals that were
treated well like pets and loved by the circus family….
so no, they are not running in the wild,
but neither are the pets we have chosen to domesticate
or hold captive in zoos for our education and entertainment.
Something about Vintage and Circus and Carnival really excites me…
but you wont see me at a modern circus anytime soon.
! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse