Anyone that goes from a sedentary lifestyle to an active one is likely to see instant improvements. However, it’s very common for that initial spike in fitness levels to peter out after a few weeks. Once this brick wall is reached, it can slowly but surely discourage you from trying. So, if you want to avoid the threat of falling back into your old ways, finding a way to break through that barrier is key.  

Here are five simple steps that should keep you on the track and help you unlock a better body and level of fitness than ever before. 

#1. Find New Workouts  

The human body is incredibly fast at adapting to new lifestyles and habits. Unfortunately, that means that the workout cycle you used in the early phases of your fitness goal will only work for a set amount of time. While they won’t suddenly stop becoming useful, it’s important to recognize that switching it up may unlock greater efficiency.  

There are various ways to achieve this goal. Hiring a personal trainer will ensure that you receive an exercise plan that’s unique to your needs and evolving fitness levels. Alternatively, adding team sports or focusing on other muscle groups will bring major benefits.     

Aside from the fitness rewards, this should keep things more enjoyable. Without fun, you will inevitably give up sooner or later.  

#2. Invest In Better Workout Gear  

You’d be forgiven for thinking that your choice of clothing doesn’t matter too much. While it’s far from being the most significant factor, it can indirectly impact your fitness levels. This is because the comfort of good outfits will remove one of the biggest mental obstacles. Nobody wants to work out when it is painful or uncomfortable.  

The most crucial thing is to find the right footwear and underwear. Without those, blisters and skin irritations are very likely. However, shirts and garments designed specifically for sports performance can maximize gains. Even if it’s only a small impact, it’s worthwhile.  

Besides, looking the part makes you feel the part, which can provide motivation. A little retail therapy can renew the interest levels too.  

#3. Revamp Your Approach To Nutrition  

When your goals are related to weight loss or body image, you’ll certainly pay attention to the dietary requirements. In truth, though, even those that are fully focused on fitness and performance should aim to take nutrition to the next level. Seriously, the direct impact of this factor on your outcomes in the gym is huge.  

It’s still fine to have a cheat day. Nonetheless, fueling your workouts with foods that generate slow releasing energy is key. Meanwhile, you must avoid the danger of under eating as this can be just as dangerous as stuffing your face. Above all else, hydration needs to be consistent.  

On a separate note, accepting dietary needs such as intolerance is essential. When the body rejects foods, it’s unlikely to perform to its best in the gym.  

#4. Post Workout Recoveries  

What you do after leaving the gym is just as crucial as what you do inside it. However, it’s very easy to lose sight of this fact. A post-workout protein shake or healthy meal should never be skipped. Meanwhile, you need to give your body a chance to recuperate at night, which is why investing in a comfortable mattress is vital.  

Some people are capable of hitting the gym every single day, but this can be counterproductive for some. Listening to your body at all times is essential while a regular sports massage can work wonders for your recoveries too. Overdoing it can sadly lead to injuries.    

You aren’t going to make any progress while sat at home nursing those niggles. Give your body a chance to remain in top shape, and you won’t regret it.  

#5. Create A New Objective    

Everyone needs an incentive to get fit. If you’ve hit your initial goals of losing 10 kg and beating your 10 km run time, things can get a little stale. Therefore, going the extra mile to find a new source of motivation is pivotal. When you are focused on those goals, you’ll have no choice but to keep progressing. This is especially true when you put a time limit on it.  

Signing up for a marathon or an endurance bike ride can work wonders in this sense. Alternatively, teaming up with other fitness enthusiasts provides a sense of competition. This is likely to keep driving your forward, and will usually bring positive outcomes.  

You already know the importance of keeping your routines up to date. Learn to do the same with your targets and objectives for maximum progress.