Entertaining guests outside takes a bit of planning and preparation, especially when kids are among the names on the list. Yet, we excitedly await these summer get-togethers with our favorite people and want each event to be fun and relaxing for everyone in attendance. 

With the outdoor party ideas listed below, you’ll always have the perfect entertainment ready for your crowd. Now deciding which party idea to go with next is your only challenge!

Costume Party

Choose a theme (i.e. animals, musicians, cartoon characters, politicians, etc.) and encourage guests to dress up in a costume fitting to the theme. Kids and adults alike enjoy dress-up and it’s sure to provide tons of laughter and conversation for all of the guests. Make sure there are plenty of games, and drinks like a bottle of Semi-Sparkling Rose Wine available, and let the good times roll.

Pool Party

Nothing relieves the heat of the summer better than a dip in the pool. If you own a backyard pool, you are ready to send out the guest invites. Otherwise, consider an inflatable pool for a pool party get-together. Make sure the kids have all the cool safety gear and accessories before this party starts!

Scavenger Hunt

Come up with a list of interesting and cool things that you can search for and find in a specific location. Then, head to a location where these items might be found. For example, rocks and leaves come in assorted shapes and sizes and are made from many materials. They are likely found at a park. Everyone on the guest’s list for the party should gather at the specified location and go on a scavenger hunt to find as many items as possible. Make sure there’s a nice prize for the winner.

Game Party

Whether your crowd enjoys corn hole or table tennis, they probably like to play games; almost everyone does. There is always a party waiting when outdoor games are around. Plan a day or night of game fun with your pals to pass by a few hours with laughter and fun. Charades, Jenga, Checkers, and additional outdoor game choices to consider for your party.

Movie Party

Choose a movie in a genre you enjoy watching that guests will also like. Whether you love comedy shows or prefer action and adventure, there are hundreds of thousands of movies to pick from. Make sure the movie is kid-friendly. You can always move the TV outside to watch the movie, but purchasing or renting a projector provides a better movie-like experience.

Hawaiian Luau

Summer heat calls for a Hawaiian luau with all your friends. Make sure plenty of cold drinks make their way into the hands of adult guests. Grass skirts, leis, and palm tree decorations all help bring a Hawaiian luau together so perfectly that guests might forget they’re not on the island.

Back in the ’80s

The kids may not appreciate a “Back to the ’80s” party but the adults certainly will. Spiked hair, tons of hairspray, and neon colors are some of the highlights of the ’80s that you can bring alive at the party. Once the kids see how rad the clothes and music are, they’ll be totally ready to get down on the fun.


As long as fire burning restrictions are not in place in your area, hosting a BBQ is another fantastic party idea that’s sure to put a smile on the face of every guest. You’ll need loud music, good food, and cold beer for a successful BBQ and, of course, a good grill master never hurt. Plan plenty of games to keep the crowd entertained while the food grills.

The outdoor party ideas above are among many ways to entertain a crowd outdoors to ensure everyone has a great time. Try out at least a couple of these ideas and do not miss out on any of the excitement the summertime brings.

Depending on where you live, summer does not last long, so make the most of it while it’s here. Use some of the ideas shown here or come up with some of your own. Either way, you are sure to have a good time.