Some landlords rent their property out without care. Someone will take it, and you will get paid, and that is the end of their investment. A smart landlord, however, knows that a well-decorated property is high in demand and able to fetch higher rent rates and more reputable tenants. 

Redecorating should be done on at least a small scale between every tenancy, but to start, you’ll want to go the full nine yards. 

Start with a Deep Clean 

It is always a good idea to deep clean a property between tenancies. Many tenants won’t go through the effort or cost to pay for professional maintenance. This means that deep cleaning typically doesn’t happen while someone is in the property. 

Deep cleaning with services like this end of tenancy cleaning West London option is wonderful to attract tenants, and most of all, deep clean your property to prolong its life. Carpets, sofas, curtains, ovens, appliances – all of this needs professional attention to enjoy a long experience in your rental, and professional cleaning services can tackle all of them. 

Use High-Quality Paint 

Once it’s properly cleaned and cleared out, you can start to redecorate. One of the best investments you can make is to repaint with high-quality paint. One that has anti-fungal properties (and resistant to mold) is perfect for rental properties, especially if the paint is also stain resistant. 

Add Character Features 

Change out the lights and add other character features like new taps or doorknobs to really improve the overall look of your apartment. If you can get two tenants that really want to live there, you may even be able to enjoy a bidding war that brings your rental price up. 

Improve Soundproofing 

Soundproofing and insulation is very important for any apartment, and at a minimum can be done just by using carpet or rugs in your property to absorb noise. 

Tips for Choosing Furniture 

Furniture that can effortlessly be wiped down and cleaned easily is going to be your focus. You can find great second-hand options as well that are far sturdier than your standard IKEA set, or just use old pieces from your own home. 

Do try to keep furniture to a minimum, so that your next tenants can still bring in their own pieces and customize your apartment into their home. 

Prolong Your Furniture’s Health 

There are many ways that you can protect your furniture and prolong its health from tenant to tenant. Take your sofa, for example. Though you can pay to deep clean it between tenancies, a better way to prevent spills and other mishaps from taking hold within the cushions is to protect them at the source. Use a waterproof cover over the couch or underneath the cushion covers. 

There Can Never Be Too Much Storage 

Finally, invest in proper storage options for your tenants. Shelves in closets, shelves in main rooms, bookshelves, cupboards, and anything else you can think of. This is particularly important if you own an apartment. You want your future tenants to feel like they can have all their belongings no matter the size of the space, and storage is a great way to do this.