Trendy Summer Wear – Short Shorts 

Trends come and go but when it comes to summertime staples, shorts are always in trend. Short shorts, popularly described as ‘hot pants’, have always made it to the top of the most desired summertime wear. From cut off denim shorts to the stretchy bike shorts, they are statement makers in their own right! Bermuda shorts in upscale fabrics can be worn to work if you have a relaxed dress code. If you are going out to a nice club at night a pair of silky shorts can be the right choice to warm up a night out with friends. 

Shorts  Are for All Seasons

You can wear your summer shorts in any season on warmer days, as it gives the choice of mixing and matching different outfits to make you look trendy. Teenagers and women look forward to wearing their cool and sexy stunning shorts with colored tights and sweaters in the fall and with fleece lined thigh high socks and tall boots in the winter. You have a wide range of shorts from cotton prints to denim available leaving you with plenty to choose from. So before investing in a pair of new shorts, consider the look you are going for so you get the right fabric, trends, style and fit that suits you best.

You Can Choose From Different Types Of Shorts

Shorts are categorized differently depending on the length and fabric. This summer purchase a nice pair of short shorts that suit your figure. Here are some trendy varieties that can complement the warmer days of the year:

Super cool denim

These are always on the top of the list when you think of shorts. You never look outdated in denim as it has a wide range of colors and very versatile and classy. Denim shorts look best when worn according to your body shape. If you are petite, a mid-waist pair with patterns will look good on you. High-waist shorts are recommended for those who want to flaunt those curves and the longer boyfriend shorts look smart on a pear-shaped body. 

Printed shorts: 

Your wardrobe is incomplete without prints and patterns. You have countless choices of prints available in the market to choose from animal, floral, tribal, ethnic, polka dots, stripes, checks, graphics, stripes, etc. Printed shorts look great for casual and formal wear.

Printed Rompers: 

This one-piece wonder is versatile and comfortable for day and nightwear. To bring balance in the style, it can be worn with solid-colored clothes and accessories.


These are meant for skirt lovers. It’s a combination of a traditional skirt and cool shorts. You can get classy in a skort by wearing a simple silver or gold chain with gemstones to give that extra punch to your dressing style.

Bermuda shorts: 

These are classic longer shorts with loose waist and tight cuffs. This can be flattering with a white long sleeve shirt or wedges. These are meant for women who want to cover their dimpled and flabby thighs and still look stylish.

Short Suits for the Workplace

The times have changed and shorts are not used only for casual wear or sportswear. The trouser shorts, for example, can be used in place of formal wear. It’s not-so-short silhouette makes it very appropriate for the workplace. The same applies to the shorts suit – it gives an innovative fresh style and makes you look trendy while still adhering to the corporate model. A full-body suit won’t be as appealing and stylish as short suits during hot summers. To wear a short suit most stylishly, you should get your short’s length and width correct. The hem of your shorts should be above knee cap; ensure it is no more than 3 inches above it.

Pairing it Right

Lastly, to highlight your new shorts fashion, ensure to match it with the rest of your outfit. Skinnier shorts give a better look in a short suit outfit with a slim jacket. Wearing a pair of loose casual shorts will give a skinny appearance and spoil the stylish trend of the suit. Wear a properly fitting t-shirt and tuck it informal fashion. To give a bold feel, choose a bright colored shirt to go with your shorts – beware this can attract compliments! To complete your outfit, wear a pair of black or brown leather penny loafers. The simple and glossy appearance of the loafers without any socks adds a touch of class. 

This short(s) tale is a never-ending one! A pair of shorts is always good to have in your wardrobe; and not just for summer! The winter shorts trends are doing the rounds as well. So, there’s no harm in stacking a few!