Just because you have a small apartment does not mean that you cannot accessorize it well. Here are some apartment decorating tips that will make your small apartment look much bigger:

Lighten up

If you want to lighten up a room and make it look big, you should opt for a light-colored rug. You can use a bound carpet remnant to achieve this look. However, if your apartment came with its own wall-to-wall dark carpet, you should consider buying one in a lighter color. Doing so will make your apartment look larger without doing any major renovations.

Go Curvy

Since most apartments are boxy in shape, you should consider adding some curves to yours if you want it to appear larger. You can opt for tables and chairs with a curve or rugs with spiral shapes or dots. These items will add some dimension to your space and trick the eye into thinking that it is bigger than it actually is.

Choose Curtains

Even if your apartment has the standard-issue, boring blinds, you do not have to settle for them. You can add some drama to your space using curtains. For instance, you can hang them on bare walls or outside the windows for a dramatic look. To add more height, you should consider hanging curtains at ceiling height or using a cornice to hide the rod.

Scale it up

Unless you want to make a statement with an overstuffed and dramatic couch, you should opt for smaller furnishings that do not take up too much space. It does not make sense to buy a large couch that takes up all the floor space leaving you with no room for other furnishings. When decorating a small space, everything is about scale.

Layer It

No matter what you think, small beds can look good with lots of fabrics and linens. All you have to do is layer everything up and mix up different prints and colors to make your bedroom look airy. These layers can also add depth to the bed, which is probably the most important piece of furniture in any home.

See Clearly

Lucite chairs or tables as well as glass tops allow your home to have an o

pen look whilst serving the function that you need. You do not have to buy dense mahogany tables that take up too much room and close up a space. Make sure that you buy glass top tables for a neater home.

Sleep on It

If you have a cramped space, you should consider installing a Murphy bed that can retract into the wall when you are not using it. Such a bed is ideal because it allows you to use the floor space for something else during the day. Moreover, it looks great when you pull it out and use it.

Brighten up the Apartment

To create the feeling of space and add interest, you should install lights up and down your apartment. You can use lights to make your home appear warm and inviting without looking like you are trying too hard. Make sure that you use several lamps to add a glow to your space and make it look bigger. When shopping for apartments online on sites such as http://www.carmelapartments.com/aventine-hercules-ca, you should ensure that they are well lit.

Prioritize Things

Because small spaces are limiting, you need to prioritize what you require. If you need a desk area but you do not need a dining area, you can turn your dining space into an office. Make sure that you adapt a space to fit your needs instead of sticking to traditional styles.