One of my best memories is the year that I became aware of the Olympics. I was old enough to inquire about why the Olympics was on the television all the time. (I especially loved watching the girls doing gymnastics.)  My parents explained that the Olympics was very important because only the best athletes from each country were allowed to come together and compete for being the best in the world. That year I watched as many events as I could and with notebook and pencil in hand, kept track of which awards were being won by which country. I was extremely proud when an athlete representing the United States of America would win.

In the spirit of learning and the Olympics, I have created for you, free printables that will allow you and your children to spend time together watching the Olympics. Make these Olympic Games a teachable moment for your child and spend time together watching and talking about the events. Cheer on America and keep track of the medals won by the different countries.

Don’t forget to watch the incredible opening ceremonies. They are always a site to behold.

Here is the USA Olympic website to learn all about the athletes, events, schedules and more!

Let’s support our countries best athletes! Chant with me . . . “USA! USA! USA!”