DIY Wine Cork Christmas Tree Craft


  • 17 wine corks
  • E600 glue or other strong craft glue
  • green craft pant
  • brown craft paint
  • 2 flat paint brushes

Wine Cork Christmas Tree Craft


1.) Assemble your wine corks in the shape of a Christmas tree. Since some corks are smaller or larger than others, you can move them around so that they look even (and so that they tree will stand evenly).

2.) One-by-one, add a line of glue to the places where the wine corks touch each other.

TIP: If you are using the E600 glue you need a well ventilated space to work in and to leave it to dry. (Use as the package directs.)

3.) Let it dry overnight.

4.) Put some green craft paint on a dry brush and wipe it on a plate a few times so that there is only a thin layer of paint on the brush. Gently glide the brush over the triangle section to paint the wine corks ends green.

5.) Dab a little bit of brown craft paint on your other dry brush and make the tree trunk brown.

6.) Let this dry for an hour or so and then you are done!

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