My son wanted to get a reptile as a pet and after researching decided that a leopard gecko was a good one to start with since it is fairly easy to take care of and because they look very cool! We got the whole set up ready and then got the gecko. My son named him Larry and he has been a fantastic addition to the family. We are going to show you why you should get a leopard gecko, what you will need and how to take care of them.

The reasons that leopard geckos make good pets is that they are:

  • easy to care for
  • can be handled gently
  • are friendly and easy going
  • low maintenance
  • inexpensive to care for
  • do not make noise
  • are hypo allergenic
  • live for many years (10 – 20)
  • they are cool looking and have cute faces

How do you prepare to get your own gecko?

Here is what you need to do:

You can start with one young leopard gecko in a well ventilated 10 gallon terrarium with a screen lid.

They are desert reptiles so they need similar terrain and a warm environment. This terrarium liner is made of sand, pre-cut to the right size for the 10 gallon cake, and is easy to clean.

We also purchased a lamp and a heating pad so that Larry will get enough warmth. He also needs the extra light during the day.

Leopard geckos need a reptile rock to climb and sit on. They also need a cave to hide and sleep in. The a rock that we purchased has both in one!

They also need a shallow bowl for water. They can eat meal worms either frozen or freeze dried, although Larry would not eat these because he was used to live crickets so that is what we get for him. We go to the pet store every 3 Р5 days to get fresh crickets. Here is a picture of Larry getting ready to lunge at the cricket and eat him. (The cricket is white because he is covered in calcium powder that can be given to geckos now and then who  need vitamin D3.)

Here is a pic of Larry licking his lips after eating his meal.

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