Your first anniversary will always be the most important because it’s the first milestone you get to celebrate as husband and wife. And as such, it should be celebrated in a very special way. For those that want more intimacy, an evening at home is the perfect way to celebrate with an affectionate night full of romance, passion, and your devotion to one another. The best thing about being at home is that you have the opportunity to create the ambiance for your special night. Here are a few ideas to get you planning with your significant other. 

Replay your first date

Do you remember what you did on your first date? Was it a movie, dinner, or an activity? If you can remember the details of your first date, try to recreate it at home. For instance, if your first date was dinner at a restaurant — you can easily have the restaurant deliver the same entrees you had on that night, or you can prepare the meals yourselves to include it as part of your date night while spending a little more quality time together. 

Along with dinner, you’ll want to set the mood. To create a romantic atmosphere, the table setting should include details such as candles, flowers, fancy dinner and flatware, and even small details like August Table linens can make a regular dinner at home feel different and extra special. 

Recreate your wedding night

If you’ve got souvenirs from your wedding day such as a cake topper or florals, the metal wall art decor from your ceremony or reception, your vows book, or the playlist of songs that were played at your wedding, use those to set the mood for your activities at home. Prior to dinner or after, you could play the song you first danced to as man and wife and have a dance in the living room, kitchen, or if you eat al fresco — in your backyard or patio. Maybe instead of watching a movie, you could play your wedding video while you enjoy a bottle of champagne with some snacks. During dinner, you could read your vows to each other again. 

Create traditions

Since we live in times of Instagram and Pinterest, professional photos and video shoots have become the new norm to announce a celebratory day. If you had engagement or bridal photos taken prior to your wedding, keep that tradition going by scheduling an anniversary shoot for each anniversary year that you celebrate. 

If you had a destination wedding or honeymoon, you may prefer to take a trip to the same place and book the same suite that you had on your wedding night. It could become a tradition to spend each year basking in nostalgia and bring back the memories and emotions you both had on your big day. 

No matter what you choose to do, don’t worry about getting everything perfect. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to come up with different ideas as you go through the years together. Just remember to have fun and create memories, as this will be the first of many anniversaries to come.