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Top 3 Reasons Busy Moms Need to Make Time for Themselves
Moms spend most of their days wiping boogers, picking up toys and mending boo-boo’s just to turn around get some work done, clean the home and have it all start over again the next day. If you are a working mom you do all this plus a lot more! Busy Moms need to find time for themselves as a means to unload, pause and rejuvenate from life. The life of Mom carries many responsibilities, we get that, but it doesn’t have to begin and end with other people’s needs. Today let’s focus on the reasons busy Moms need to find time for themselves so that Moms everywhere will remove the guilt that comes from trying to sneak in a little time for themselves.

Top 3 Reasons Busy Moms Need to Make Time for Themselves - jenny at dapperhouse


Be True to Yourself 
Remember that Moms are individuals too, and mothers need to keep in touch with their personal identities. Not only are busy Moms carrying the weight of the caregiver job title, they also are an individual woman with needs as well as desires that should be met. A busy Mom can easily sneak in a half hour daily to be an adult woman by taking a bubble bath, reading a good book or taking a brisk walk or connecting with friends.  These are all ways to focus on who you are in more than just the mommy role.

Refresh and Rejuvenate
Busy Moms need to find time for themselves because it helps rejuvenate their soul, refresh their mind and relax their bodies. A Mom who is refreshed tends to have more patients, more compassion and less frazzled behaviors which in turn makes happier children. When children are happier because their Mom took time out from the hectic day, the household becomes more balanced which benefits the entire family unit.

Prevent Depression, Anxiety and Stress
It has been shown that women are more susceptible to mental illness like anxiety and depression than men and it’s no wonder with the all-giving mentality they have. Just take a look around at Moms in your local neighborhood, watch as they exhaust themselves in the role of Mom; just think how much this little bit of time for themselves could assist in them being energetic, happy and complete. A Mom who takes time for herself ends up healthier and when you are healthier, your risk of mental illness or stress related issues reduces significantly.


Removing the guilt that is associated with busy Moms taking time for themselves is the most important step in ensuring you reach this goal of being the best person you can be. If you had to sum up the reasons busy Moms need to find time for themselves; it would be summed up to one word – rejuvenation. Your family won’t be upset with you because you took a half hour each day to rejuvenate your soul, in fact they will only love you more as they see you blossom as an individual. Busy Moms everywhere need to remember that taking time for themselves is beneficial to their health, happiness and the overall family unit.