Children are going through a lot with the Covid pandemic and as their adults, we need to acknowledge their feelings. While they are dealing with various degrees of fear, anxiety, loneliness and more, we need to do more to instill self-esteem into their lives. I have told my children that I will promote their independence and help them find their power, but when they are unable to be strong for themselves, I will be their strength. We all have times when we are strong and times when we are not. Wherever your kids are on the scale, doing the following things as often as possible will help your child find self-love.

Everyday Ways to Promote Self-love in Your Children

  • model self-love, self-respect and self-care
  • help your child brainstorm ways to show self-love, self-respect and self-care
  • compliment your child using specific reasons rather than generalities
  • make specific time to engage with your child each day
  • make a standing date once a week with your individual children
  • express and model positive feelings and problem solving even in times of crisis
  • ask open ended questions when communicating with your child
  • give your child wait time to gather their thoughts and produce an answer before you jump in to guess what it is they are trying to say
  • try to notice your child becoming frustrated, moody, etc. and engage them in conversation about their feelings. Help them problem solve their circumstances.
  • children don’t always need you to give them answers as much as they just want to feel heard, validated and accepted.
  • speak openly about things that are going on in the world. Your child may know more than you think and feeling like they are unable to talk with you about difficult things is scary.
  • if you don’t know the answer to something, admit that you don’t know. Have them participate in gathering information as a learning experience and as a way to connect.
  • give your child ways to become more adventurous. Find new things for them to participate in or to learn. Find new things that you can do together.
  • help children manage their time so that they accomplish their school and extra curricular expectations along with making time for them selves to recharge and have fun.
  • help children learn from mistakes. Let them know that mistakes are expected for them to get better and to learn. Model how you learn from your own mistakes with grace and self-respect.
  • help your children set goals along with the steps for how to reach them. Check in with your child to encourage them along the way.
  • let your child know that life is not always predictable or fair, but life is manageable.

What are some important ways that you promote self-love in your children?

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