As we slowly move toward the end of the year and into a new one, it always feels like a fresh start and a way to bring us to be more organized, focused and living our best life. There are a few ways that you can start your things now and towards the end of this year to make sure you start the new year in a more organized and prepared way. So, these things you’re going to see will help keep you more organized and prepared so that you can keep on top of things rather than feeling like you have such a big task that you need to take on.

Declutter The House

One of the basic and most common things that make us feel disorganized is having a lot of clutter in the house. Over the years we collect things and hoard things in the house and we don’t always need them. These things that are being scattered about which just look messy and gather dust. This is especially true if you have kids as you find toys and all sorts everywhere. This may seem like such a mammoth task especially if you have a lot of clutter. The best thing to do is to break it up into rooms and you can even break that room up into sections. By doing this you can tackle one area at a time and once you start seeing the progress you’ll feel more motivated to continue. The best place to start is places like the kitchen where you may have a lot of expired foods or cans that need to be thrown away as well as your bedroom because you may have lots of knick-knacks about, clothes that you no longer need or wear as well as potentially books that are just there and ones most likely not going to have a read of again. In these cases, there’s not much point in holding onto things that must have sentimental value and you feel a lot better if you do declutter and it could be used and loved by someone else.

Organize Your Health Essentials 

Another thing a lot of people neglect that can cause a lot of mess and disorganization is your health and things you need for your help. If you have a lot of supplements and healthy foods they normally can clutter up a lot of space if you spend some time organizing these into jars and label them. They will only look better and they will be able to use up a lot of space. You’re also want to go for your medicine cabinet to check for any expired or old tablets or medical things that you have. It’s expired make sure you do correctly dispose of them as you can always just put them in the bin. And then make sure you stock up and have an organized collection of things you need. This could be things like your basic painkillers, cold and flu medicine or you may even need to get things For specific illnesses so you may need to buy Ventolin if you have asthma and you may need to buy certain creams if you have eczema.

Buy Things To Help You

A lot of people struggle with being organized unless they can make lists and plans. There are so many things available now that can help you stay organized in a fun and creative way. You can go for the old school and basic, getting a to-do list pad so you can fill it out each day. Then there are more specific items like meal planners, shopping lists and so much more. With things like your clothes, you can buy dividers for drawers. These help you make the most of your space and be able to pick out things easily without messing up the whole draw beforehand. 

Make Yourself Accountable

If you look to set yourself different monthly and achievable goals then you are more likely to get them done. If you find someone who also wants to be more organized then you will be able to check in on each other and make sure you both set your goals and work towards them. You can even look to meet up and help each other meet the goals you set. Having someone to rely on and having someone rely on you can give you motivation in itself. 

Avoid Discounts And Bargains

As enticing as they are, bargains and different discounts can end up with you buying something just because it is a good offer, even if you don’t need it. A lot of people are guilty of this. Or they will buy multiple things they will never get through which just takes up precious space in your home, looks messy and gathers more dust.

Have An End Of Year Spring Clean

Even though spring cleans are done in the spring it is a great idea to do one towards the end of the year. It means you will be starting the year with a fresh and clean home and it also helps you stay on top of things. With Christmas coming up also if you have kids you will have a lot of presents coming your way soon and your child will most likely end up with a whole new pile of toys. If you take some time to sort through them beforehand then you can give them to some people less fortunate or sell them. It then gives you the space for the new toys that can be enjoyed and played with. 

Don’t Forget To Delegate

Being organized and on the ball requires a lot of time and energy sometimes. When things get too busy and on top of us it can end up with us burning out and crashing. It is never good and something you want to avoid at all costs. In the home make sure the housework is spread out evenly between yourself, your partner and your kids. At work make sure you get the right help and if you can delegate some work then.

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