When is time to give your bedroom a redesign? It’s one of the most important rooms of the home to you, personally, and you’re free to do as you please with it without too much care as to what others might think of the changes. But some people lean towards inaction, worried that they might mess it up and end up with a bedroom they simply don’t feel comfortable in. However, there are some changes that are simply necessary. If you find any of the following scenarios applying to you, it’s time to make some changes.

When clutter just keeps building and building and building

Perhaps you’re a little too fond of buying things that you may not really need. Or you find yourself occasionally picking up a little knick-knacks and souvenirs here and there. Perhaps you simply have too many clothes and your storage is bursting at the seams. When clutter is your issue, then space is the solution. You don’t necessarily need to have a bigger room, you just need to find the right solutions. Organizing your existing storage better, such as your dressing table and your wardrobe, can open up a lot more space. If there simply isn’t enough, even with inventive options like under-bed storage and using more vertical space, then it might be time to get minimalist. Run a critical eye over everything and think about what you really want to keep and what no longer has its old appeal.

When you’re having trouble sleeping

Sleep is priority number one in the bedroom, and when it’s just not coming to you, that means it’s time for a major rethink. Clutter, again, has been shown to cause higher stress, which leads to worse sleep, so that might still be the issue. Otherwise, start with the bed. Sites like BestBedsBoutique.com can make it a lot easier to choose the right kind of mattress depending on preference and sleeping types if your current one isn’t doing the trick. But bedding is just as important. Don’t think of high-thread-count sheets as a luxury, but an investment. If your sheets are scratchy, coarse, and not very breathable, it can leave your skin feeling sensitive and raw, which is certainly not conducive to a good night’s sleep.

When it just looks dull, dark, and drab

If your bedroom looks dark, then it’s time to let in some light. Try opting for more relaxing colors on the walls and your sheets, brightening it up so that the natural light has more room to play. Speaking of, make sure your windows are open to that light, opting for lighter window treatments instead of big, heavy curtains. If you want a little more life in a room that seems quite bare and dull, then consider creating a feature wall, like those featured at TheSpruce.com, to liven up one of the sides.

A bedroom that no longer feels comfortable, no longer feels like a sanctuary, isn’t going to do you any favors. If the points above sound like your situation, then it’s time for a change. Hopefully, these tips help you figure out how to do that.