Waffles are delicious. If you love toppings on your waffle then you appreciate the hills and valleys that catch and hold the butter, syrup, fruit and other toppings in the waffle so that each bite is perfect. Waffles are awesome because for being so amazing, they are very easy to make. It is fun to get creative with waffles so here is my recipe for German Chocolate Cake waffles! (Did you know that waffle day is on March 25th and August 24th? Two days a year to give special celebration for the awesomeness and tastiness of waffles!)

Enjoy the easiest recipe for German Chocolate Cake waffles.


  • German Chocolate Cake box mix.
  • The ingredients on the box of cake mix (such as eggs, oil and water)
  • 2 cans of pre-made German Chocolate Cake frosting


Step 1. Make the cake mix as indicated on the box.

Step 2. Pour the cake batter evenly on the waffle iron.


Step 3. Close the lid and wait until the waffle is fully cooked.

Step 4. Transfer the waffle to a plate then add more batter to the waffle maker.

Step 5. Layer two waffles on top of each other and frost the top layer with the frosting.

Step 6. Take the second waffle out and make two more layers. Fill the waffle maker again. Frost the top layer.

Step 7. Take the third waffle out and add two more layers to the dish. Frost the top with German Chocolate Cake frosting and serve.

TIP: At this point you can make more waffles to either serve or to store in the fridge for later.

These waffles are really, really good. . .

Not surprisingly, it tastes just like a German Chocolate layer cake.


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