These fancy little tulle pumpkins are super easy to make and a super cute edition to your Fall or Halloween themed party! Here is how you can make them yourself.

DIY Fancy Tulle Pumpkin Treat Bags for Halloween - jenny at dapperhouse blog #party

What you need:

  • orange tulle
  • green ribbon
  • plastic wrap
  • popcorn
  • paper straws in green or brown (cut in half)

DIY Supplies to make pumpkin treat bags - jenny at dapperhouse blog

How to Make:

1.) Cut the tulle into square pieces approx 1 foot x 1 foot.

2.) Tear off sheets of plastic wrap that fit just inside the tulle.

4.) Add popcorn and wrap up the popcorn in the plastic wrap and tulle.

5.) Secure with a green ribbon leaving enough space to add a piece of straw for the stem.

DIY Tulle Pumpkin Treat Bags - jenny at dapperhouse blog

IDIY Fancy Tulle PArty Pumpkin Treat Bags - jenny at dapperhouse blog