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The Arsenal of Products You Need to Treat Teen Acne

Teen acne stinks. I had it terribly bad when I was a teen and it made me uncomfortable both physically and emotionally. Back then it was seen as a personal flaw and I would get unwanted and embarrassing suggestions from family, friends and  even strangers who wanted to help, but nothing did. Thirty years later there are incredible products that work with your skin and against the acne infection to provide real results. Teens have so much on their plates with growing, becoming young adults, learning to drive, getting good grades and extracurricular activities, all while trying to look their best. . . acne is something that we can help them minimize and take away from the stress of being a teen.

For many teens, acne is part of the teenage experience and now we know that wives tales are not a solution and that you need products developed through scientific advancement to fight this infection. If you have a teen that is suffering from breakouts and acne, you need to get this arsenal of products. I am not promoting any particular brands in my post, this is just what my teen uses. You can find many similar items in many brands and products at the drugstore and in high end skin care lines. Here is what I suggest you stock the bathroom with so your teen can have some help and hope in his or her corner to fight acne.

  1. Oil Absorbing Sheets – these are used for blotting the skin. They pull out ad soak up the oil that builds up on teen skin. These not only make the skin look better (less oily) but keep the acne at bay since it feeds on the oils in the skin. These can be used all day. Keep them in backpacks, purses and lockers.
  2. Medicated Lotion – Using an oil free lotion helps provide moisture to the skin which will reduce the amount of oils produced by the body. Oil free lotion will not clog pores which harbors the right conditions for acne. Moisturizer also soothes the skin and counteracts the dryness from the medications.
  3. Acne Treatment Cream – The two main ingredients in over the counter acne medications are benzoil peroxide and salicylic acid. Try benzoil peroxide first and stick with it for at least a month. If acne is not greatly reduced then switch to the other and see if that provides better results. The benzoil peroxide and salicylic acid are not interchangeable because they are different medications.
  4. Medicated Face Wash – This is a must have to reduce and cure acne. Teens have to wash their face each morning to remove oils and dead skin before applying lotions, acne creams and make up. The must wash their face again after sports when sweating and rubbing their faces. They must also wash before bed to get the day’s oil and dirt off before applying lotions and creams to go to bed and fight acne through the night. There are washes with various medications, and for various skin types. Try some out and find which works best for your child’s skin.

  1. Face Wipes – These are great to keep in backpacks, gym bags and gym lockers. When teens get active and sweat, they tend to rub and touch their faces. This makes the perfect conditions for acne to grow. Have them use a couple of face wipes after exercise to remove sweat, oil and dirt. If they can, they should reapply some acne medication so it is on the skin killing the bacteria at all times. You can also buy the face wipes that already have acne medication in them which takes care of two in one!
  2. Face Masks – Boys and girls both like to feel a little pampered and soothe their skin with face masks. There are a ton of choices from soothing skin that has been irritated by acne medications to ones that draw out stubborn blackheads. There are some that are soothing, some that dry up and peel off and some that have scents that kids love. These are beneficial but also fun, so get some various masks for them to use now and then.

Teens have a lot going on. They are trying establish their personalities, learning to handle a lot of new responsibilities like driving and jobs. They are trying to maintain friendships and explore dating. They are trying to study to maintain good grades and be involved in extra curricular activities. It is busy and crazy being a teen sometimes. As parents we can find ways to help minimize the stresses for teens and one of these is to help them fight acne. Make sure your child has an Arsenal of Products in their bathroom and their bags to Treat Teen Acne.

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