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It is so exciting to know that there are some dressy parties and events in my near future! The holidays are such a fun time for friends and neighbors and family. . . ahhhh. I picture myself in a sparkly dress with my head thrown back in a tasteful laugh, with my hair in an updo and a champagne flute in my hand. (I am also a lot thinner, look incredible in red lipstick and have a lot less wrinkles in this vision, but a girl can dream.) Here is advice on how a real woman can make a stylish side chignon updo at home for those special occasions! And if you can pronounce the word “Chingnon” correctly than Cheers to YOU!

How to create an updo side Chignon in a few easy steps Jenny at dapperhouse Madison Reed #Hair #style #color

1. Create a deep side-part, as clean or messy as you like.

2. Gather all hair behind opposite ear from part. Smooth with your favorite brush if desired, or leave messy.

3. Secure your hair into a ponytail with a hair band.

4. Separate ponytail into three equal sections. Take section nearest the neck and start twisting it around the base of your ponytail. 

5. Once that one section is wrapped, secure it to the base of your ponytail with pin.

6. Repeat twisting each of the two remaining sections twisting around the first. You may have to do it a few times to get it to look just how you like.  

7. Pin each of the two remaining sections into place as you go.

8. Once your Chignon has been pinned into place, you can wear it two ways. One, for a romantic and casual look, carefully pull out small sections. Either leave them straight or add a little curl with an iron. Or two, smooth all the ends down carefully with a small comb and secure everything with hair spray for a modern look. 

Party Ready in only a few steps!

I have not colored my hair for awhile and I can not decide if I should refresh with a darker or lighter color! I do know that I will be calling on the color stylists at Madison Reed for some expert advice when I order.

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