Happy National S’mores Day! I am on a little kick of taking everyday, classic recipes and taking them to the next level. I am trying to go in a gourmet direction with flavor and add a healthier element with fresh fruit or vegetables. In celebration of National S’mores Day I created a new dessert recipe with tart, green apple and caramel.

Tart Apple and Caramel S'mores recipe @dapperhouse #gourmet #dessert National Smores Day #celebration

Here is what you need: 

  • Granny Smith Apple
  • Large Marshmallows
  • Caramel Sauce
  • Semi-sweet Chocolate bar
  • Graham cracker squares
  • Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Ingredients for Tart Apple and Caramel S'mores Dessert @dapperhouse

Prepare your ingredients: 

Cut the green apple in thin slices

Cut the large marshmallows in half

Break your chocolate bar into small pieces. Needs to be semi-sweet so that the sweetness of the dessert is not overpowering.

Twist the top off of the chocolate sandwich cookie. Save the side without the cream filling.

How to make a Tart Apple Caramel S'mores Dessert Recipe @dapperhouse

How to make:

1. Heat oven to Broil.

2. On a microwave safe plate, layer a graham cracker square, semi-sweet chocolate, apple slice, caramel sauce and chocolate cookie.

How to make a Tart Green Apple & Caramel S'mores Dessert #recipe jenny at dapperhouse

TIP: If the green apple slices are too large, use a knife to cut it into a smaller circle so that it has nice presentation.

3. Microwave each S’more for 8 – 10 seconds only! This step is to soften the chocolate only, not to cook.

3. Transfer s’more to a baking sheet. Add the marshmallow on top.

4. Put under broiler for 1 minute or until golden brown. (This happens fast so watch it the entire time.)

Tart Apple Caramel S'mores Dessert Recipe from jenny at dapperhouse #smores #s'mores #greenapple

5. Enjoy!