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There are some truly serious secrets to dieting. I have been on a perpetual diet for twenty-five years, frequently changing and tweaking things to solve problems or make improvements in my overall health. But, there are certain foods that I make sure not to skip or substitute no matter what because they have such a profound effect on my personal health (like plain yogurt and fresh spinach). One of these secret dieting foods in going to blow your mind. Ready? Green, Nori Seaweed.  
Surprising Secret Diet Food - You'll never guess what it is! @dapperhouse #diet #nutrition #secret #weightloss
Yep.    In my opinion it is not very tasty, but it is certainly worth eating regularly and here’s why. . .
Fiber Content Ratio is High

Fiber is a well known secret to dieting because it makes us feel full and sustains a longer calorie burn. Why is seaweed the secret? Because one-third of nori seaweed is comprised of dietary fiber. Paired with low fat and low calories it becomes similar to popular “negative calorie” foods.

An Iron Rich Food with Absorption Qualities

Usually, the first touted benefit of seaweed that is the fact that it is rich in iron. Iron essentially feed our bodies with oxygen via our blood. It keeps us alert, focused and energized. It helps strengthen immunity. Why is seaweed important to dieting? It will give you the energy and stamina you need to perform through your work outs and keep your metabolism working for you when you are at rest.
TIP: When dining out, make sure to ask servers what dishes other than sushi that may include seaweed. In Japanese restaurants, you can order seaweed salads and soups that truly taste amazing!
Protein Rich Vegan Food 
When looking for alternatives to meat protein, Nori Seaweed is comparable as soy and spirulina. The catch is that it is fairly easy to eat 100 grams (1 cup) of edamame, but consuming the same amount of seaweed is a bit much. Gram per gram though, the benefit of the plant protein is worth it! Why is this super secret dieting food? Nori Seaweed Builds lean muscle which burns more calories. When working out, it repairs the damage done to muscles and boosts immunity too.

High in Omega-3 Fatty Acids

This important type of necessary fat reduces cholesterol and blood pressure. When working out, your heart will stay healthy and benefit from the accelerated rate. AS well, it reduces inflammation from asthma and combats stiffness and joint pain! According to the Dr. Oz website, a sheet of nori seaweed contains the same amount of omega-3 fatty acids as two avocados! Incredible!
Nori is most commonly known as the wrap used for Sushi.
You can also buy dried and roasted seaweed ready for snacking.


More Fun Health & Dieting benefits of Seaweed

  • Good source of vitamins & minerals
  • Loaded with anti-oxidants
  • Has more calcium than a serving of broccoli
  • Used as a treatment for Osteoarthritis
  • Helps stabilize blood sugar
  • Regulates hormones
  • Lowers risk of breast cancer
  • Increases libido
  • increases bone health
  • Reduces bloating
  • Counts as a serving of green veggies

If you are like me and don’t care much for the taste, it is easy to slip into meals and recipes like sandwiches/wraps or lasagna.

You are going to remember to eat it if you have it “on hand”. Otherwise, the chances of you running across it like an apple in the grocery store are slim to none. Order enough to stock your pantry and be warned that your kids are going to eat it all up without you even trying! (For some reason they LOVE the stuff!)

What is one healthy food that you make sure to eat often!