Traditionally, watermelon are cut in small triangles when served as finger food. Here is another way to slice a melon that I think is faster and easier to serve, especially to large groups. It takes up less space and makes barely any mess at all. Here is how to do it!

Fast and Easy Way to Slice a Watermelon this Summer @dapperhouse

TIP: Before you start, make sure to wash the outside of the watermelon! You don’t want to transfer any germs that have been picked up through the growing, transport and handling  processes.

Step 1.  Cut the melon in half down the center and turn it over onto a plate.

Step 1. to cutting a watermelon the best way ever @dapperhouse

Step 2. Cut the watermelon into even slices all the way across.

TIP: Make sure that you refrigerate your watermelon before cutting and serving. Ice cold watermelon an a warm day is refreshing and hydrating!

fast ans easy way to slice and serve a watermelon @dapperhouse

TIP: I made my cuts a little over an inch square for the big kids and adults, but you can absolutely go smaller for more pieces or little hands.

Step 3. Make similar cuts going the other way on the melon to make a checkerboard pattern.

How to slice up a watermelon fast and easy and non traditional with no mess or fuss @dapperhouse

And you are ready to serve! Now everyone can come along and slide out a piece of melon and eat it like a popsicle!

The best no mess and easy way to slice watermelon for finger food @dapperhouse

Isn’t that just so easy!

If you prefer to lay the pieces out on a plate or tray you can do that too…

best way to slice up watermelon this summer @dapperhouse

But no matter how you slice it. . .

slice up your watermelon a whole new way this summer @dapperhouse

Watermelon is a favorite summer treat!