Those of you who know me will not be surprised
that when it was my turn host playgroup
I went for a circus/carnival theme!

I made lots of tissue paper pom poms.
Some I placed on the back table. 
Others I hung from curling ribbon with
the curls hanging down.
I love the mini banners that are so popular right now and when
I was thinking about what paper I wanted to use, I got a GREAT Idea
to use Carnival Tickets for my bunting!! It turned out so cute!
I hot glued them to the same curling ribbon that
I used to hang the pom poms.

I pre-popped corn and set it up with our mini,
vintage look popcorn maker.

I set up my sons “claw” machine which was a HUGE hit.
The kids actually formed a line and took turns winning
fun sized candies and popular bracelets.

Here is the table set with homemade treats.
I made cakepops with rainbow sprinkles.
I made bluberry muffins and adorned them with
circus elephant and seal toppers.

I put floral foam inside the colored tubs
and lots of FUN yellow confetti
to show off the cake pops!
To protect the rights of the children’s privacy,
I did not take pictures of the party in progress…
Inside I set up curling ribbon with small clothespins near
a table of art supplies and paper so the
children could create an art gallery.
There were different areas in the house with legos,
Littlest Petshop and action figures.
I set up a tent in the front yard with benches
under the shade.
We had a sprinkler, basketball, bean bags and sidewalk chalk
all outside for the kids and moms to enjoy together!
The boys enjoyed a tub of water to re-fill their
water guns, then later used the tub to bob for legos??
So silly and funny!

Eventually the table was filled with healthy snacks and
sweet treats that everyone brought to share.
We also had ice chests with water, sodas, juice, popsicles and more!

It was LOTS of Fun for Everyone!
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! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse