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St. Patrick’s Day is such a fun holiday because being able to utilize all the colors of the rainbow leaves a lot of decor opportunities! Really, who doesn’t love rainbows? Here is the easy decor I have in my kitchen to add a lot of color and a little magic to March. We did gold at the end of the rainbow! My son had so much fun sorting out the skittles so make sure that you let your children help and of course integrate learning into the fun with counting, sorting, colors and more. I bought Chocolate Gold Coins from a party store and used apple sour straws cut into pieces for the grass. The jar of oranges is to encourage healthy snacking and satisfy a sweet tooth since the candy is for decoration. (We’ll see how that works out, right?)

St. Patrick's Day Home Decor Ideas and Free Printables Too from Jenny at dapperhouse

TIP: I purchased the candy jars from HomeGoods, TJMAxx and Marshalls when they went on clearance. Check your local home stores for some bargains.

Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow home decorating idea for St. Patirck's Day with Free Printable Art as well from jenny at dapperhouse

TIPS: Go to Candy specialty stores and Party Stores to find Gumballs would look so pretty. . . like giant polka dots! Rainbow lollipops would look good too and be less time consuming and less expensive than Skittles. Use M&M’s to include blue in your rainbow!

As you can see from my photos, I have not printed out my own decor to frame yet, but I wanted to get it up on the blog right away for you all. Enjoy your FREE Printables and home decor ideas.

Free Printables to put in frames next to your candy jars. You can click the free purchase button to download then before printing, select the size of your frame.

Free Printable for a Happy St. Patrick's day from jenny at daperhouse
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FREE Printable You're all the luck I need - from jenny at dapperhouse
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FREE PRINTABLE family is the gold at the end of the rainbow - from jenny at dapperhouse
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You're all the luck I need FREE Printable from jenny at dapperhouse
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