Ever wondered where those funky smells in your home are coming from? Ever rushed out to the store to buy air freshener when your family members or friends tell you they’re coming over to visit? Don’t worry–we’ve all been in that position (or at least, a similar one) before. The fact is, bad odors and funky smells are difficult to find in your home especially if you have a relatively large property.

Unless you have millions of dollars to renovate your home, you’re probably stuck with trying to eliminate these odors one by one and it can be a time-consuming task. So to help you out, we’ve put together a few tips that will help you eliminate these unpleasant scents in your home to make it more inviting.

Tip #1: Stop masking the smells

The more you mask the smells, the worse it will be. Don’t try to mask the smells because it doesn’t eliminate the source of the odour. If you want to get rid of those funky smells, you need to find the source, not cover it up.

Tip #2: Deal with it as soon as possible

Your nose will gradually get used to the smells if you don’t deal with them as soon as possible. If your friends own pets and you don’t, then entering their home could invite some strange smells into your nose that you just aren’t used to, but seemingly doesn’t phase your friend. This is only because they are used to the smell and don’t find it strange.

Tip #3: Practice good hygiene

Prevention is arguably the best way to get rid of weird smells in your home. Clean the carpets on a regular basis, make sure you wash all of the linen and curtains in your home and clean up spills as soon as possible. 

Tip #4: Consider professional services

If you have relatively good hygiene but you still can’t locate the source of a smell, then you may want to hire a professional service. For instance, if you smell a strange sewer scent but have no idea where it’s coming from, then a service like restorationeze.com could help you locate the problem and deal with both the smell and any potential damage that it could cause.

Tip #5: Take out the trash early

Before trash has a chance to start smelling in your home, make sure you take it out every day. If you leave it in your trash cans for too long, then the smells can build up and bacteria and junk will start to stick to the trashcan itself, even if you use thick bags. Check out this helpful article from thekitchn.com for some useful tips on how to clean out your kitchen trash can which is usually the culprit for nasty smells.

Tip #6: Don’t let washing pile up

Whether it’s the dishes or clothes, don’t let your washing-up duties pile up. Dirty and sweaty clothes can stink and create disgusting smells that will waft through the air and cling to other clothes. Wash workout clothes immediately and don’t let the dishes pile up to a point that they attract flies.