This is not a sponsored post. I had never heard of this threat or done a radon test in our home where we have lived for 10 years. I wanted to make sure that we were safe from elevated radon levels and share this information with my readers.

Radon is a gas that is formed by natural erosion and decomposition of the earth. It  is commonly found anywhere in the US because it occurs when uranium in rock, soil and water radioactively decay. The gas that is released in this process is impossible to detect with human senses. Radon exposure does not cause physical symptoms such as fatigue or  breathing issues, but it is the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking. Radon gas affects adults and children equally. Radon gas should be tested for in homes and basements to avoid exposure. If you perform the rest and find that you or your family have been exposed to elevated levels of radon gas you should discuss this with your doctors right away to note this in your medical history. Radon exposure causes cancer that shows up many years later so immediate chest x-rays are not usually required unless the exposure has been over an extended period of time.

Radon Gas is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer in the US and preventable with a home test kit. It is found in 115 homes everywhere in the US. @dapperhouse

Radon test kits can be purchased anywhere from Amazon to your local hardware store. They run between $10 and upwards of $30. I bought mine for $26.

It is $30 to send it in and get the test results.

A charcoal based home testing kit is every bit as accurate as having a professional come in and it will save you big bucks. Once you test your home for radon and find that your levels are good, you can purchase a radon detector to put in your basement areas for future protection.

Approximately 1 in every 15 homes tests positive for elevated radon levels. If you are one of these homes you will have to actively reduce the radon levels. Radon gas is everywhere but dangerous when in a confined space, therefore a fan and venting system is usually enough to do the trick. The Environmental Protection Agency has a detailed radon guide for homeowners that you can reference for information on radon before, during and after your testing.

I got my results online and printed them off. My home has trace levels of radon and is perfectly safe. YAY! I can rest easy knowing this.

Have you heard of radon gas and the dangers? I never did until now so I wanted to spread the word on something so dangerous and so preventable!