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5 Important Lessons Children Learn from Chores

5 Important Lessons Children Learn from Chores - jenny at dapperhouse
While you may have a busy schedule between sports, school and other extra-curricular activities with your child, you should always make time for children to do chores. There are lessons children learn from chores that are everlasting and vitally important in the upbringing of a well-rounded, responsible child. Just what is it about chores that teach children lessons? Here are just 5 lessons children learn from chores:
Discipline of Hard Work

Starting chores at a young age has shown to allow children to have a better attitude and tend to be harder working individuals as they learn the lesson that hard work pays off.
Time Management

As your child gets older, they start to learn how to balance their responsibility of chores alongside leisurely activities. Children who have chores to be completed before fun time begins will be much better at managing time in adulthood.

Children who have daily chores to complete start to learn how to be more independent. No more having Mom or Dad do everything for them, for example they learn if they want new clothes then they have to make sure they are in the dirty laundry basket. Self care and cleanliness are both empowering skills.
Basic Life Skills

When a child learns to do dishes, make their own bed and do their own laundry they are learning basic life skills that enable them to be self-sufficient adults. Even as children and teens, these skills are required to be happy and healthy.
Teamwork Skills

Throughout the days of childhood chores, there may be times the family works together to get the chores completed, in turn this teaches your child the skill of teamwork and how much faster things can be completed when they work together. Contributing to the success and pride of a family unit involves cleaning and caring for the house and home.
The list of lessons children learn from chores could go on and on, it simply is a great skill to instill within your child. Not only will you have more time for yourself, allowing your children to have assigned chores simply makes the family unit run smoother and efficiently. From time management to teamwork and independence the life lessons having your child complete chores will be forever a lasting part of their individual traits.
I hope that you see value in these 5 lessons children learn from chores and start creating your own family chore chart today!

What lessons do you believe children learn from chores?