I joined the Spring Art Challenge at the blog called
“All in my Cottage”.
I started with the ballerina image that Debbi chose as
the central theme for this contest. It was pretty much
open ended as far as creativity but I saw the other
entries and realized that I had a lot to compete with…

I decided that since the ballerina has wings I would
bring continuity to the project by using butterflies.
I wanted to set her in nature so I searched my pile
of garden magazines for a pretty background.
Then I wanted to emphasize the cottage and feminine theme
of the project so I cut some petite cakes out of a catalogue,
got a spool of tulle, sparkly decorative ribbon and some
delicate paper roses.

Then I got a branch to add some more dimension to the altered
art piece and I got to work!
Some days my work space is very tidy,
other days it is a whirlwind of too many projects at once!
Guess which day it is today….(blush)

I arranged my elements, used lighting at the top of the project
to mimic the sun’s rays in the background and Voila!

What do you think! (oooooh….ahhhhhh) “Thank you, thank you”

(Thank you Debbi for the fun challenge!)
Participate if you like, or stop by her blog to see how many
different creations are inspired by this same ballerina. The link
to this contest is on my sidebar too!

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse