Mammoth Mountain is a popular ski destination that transforms into a mountain bikers’ paradise as temperatures rise. Springtime offers a great opportunity to explore trails at lower elevations that tend to become more crowded during the summer. Mammoth Mountain Bike Park does not typically open until June. Bring your own bike or rent bikes for women, men or children on location. Here are some of the best trails for beginners, intermediate riders and advanced mountain bikers that may be accessible for spring excursions.

Beginner Bike Trails 

Novice mountain bikers may want to try the Panorama Dome Trail. This single-track trail is a one mile loop through a dense Lodgepole pine forest. This trail connects with the Mammoth Rock Trail, a 2.6 single-track trail that becomes a popular course for hiking, running, walking dogs or even riding horses as the weather warms.

The Mammoth Rock and Panorama Dome trails also connect with the Horseshoe Lake Loop, a 1.7 mile long beginner trail ideal for springtime mountain bike rides. If you prefer to ride on paved surfaces, choose a 21 speed road bike with a good gear range for traversing variable elevation.

Intermediate Trail Rides

Intermediate mountain bikers can build skills during the spring by riding on several lower-altitude trails. The Lower Rock Creek Trail located 26 miles south of Mammoth is one good option. You can opt to ride downhill and arrange for transportation or ride a six mile loop by ascending on the road. The top two sections of the trail are flowing single-track. Take the road to bypass the rock gardens and technical challenges that lie ahead in the third section.

If you are looking for a terrain challenge, consider riding the Inyo Craters loop. This 10.5-mile cross country trail around Deer Mountain has sandy ground best suited for wide tires. If you are looking for a location to try out one of the styles of hybrid bikes for sale, Inyo Craters could be a good choice. Stay on course by following the yellow trail markers. A short hiking path leads out to the craters.

Advanced Mountain Biking

Most of the major challenges of Mammoth Mountain are found on trails at higher elevations. Advanced riders can work on conditioning on intermediate trails and complete the third section of Lower Rock Creek Trail to maintain skills. As the weather warms, riders should seek out the climbs of the Uptown and Downtown trails, the Paper Route Loop or Mountain View Trail. Get a bike park pass to traverse the full extent of these trails, as well as the Kamikaze, Off the Top and Skid Marks trails once the Bike Park season starts.

Mammoth Mountain has lower-elevation trails that are ideal for springtime rides on every skill level. The Mammoth Mountain Bike Park usually opens near the end of June. It may be necessary to wait until summer to access higher elevations. Spend the spring training on lower trails to make the most of Mountain View, Off the Top and other high-altitude trails after the weather warms and the snow melts.