Everyone knows that young  kids always love the box as much or more than the gift. My son is older but he still seriously LOVES boxes to create and make things. He makes tunnels, spaceships, disappearing magic tricks and life sized angry birds.  A few days ago I found our kitchen table filled with cut up shoe boxes and art supplies with a major project underway. My son said that he wanted to play ice hockey in the wintry driveway with his friends but didn’t have the leg pads so he decided to make his own. I love his creativity, problem solving and determination! (gets it from his mom)  My son used shoe boxes for the durable cardboard, and shoe laces to tie them to his legs. He designed the pads to match his hockey helmet. In watching him create his project learned something new. Did you know that hockey goalies have their names written on the sides for their pads for customization? (I didn’t.) So, my son did the same on his. Give your children some boxes and art supplies and see what they can make with their imaginations to guide them. 

                                                             The Kitchen Table.

The hockey pads are measured, made and ready to be designed! 

Working Hard

The Pads are Finished and Ready to be tested out in a hockey game! 
Back View. Look how easily they stay on tied with shoelaces! 
(as soon as the skates are on )

What can you child make from a box?
I would love to see a picture and post it on my blog!
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! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse