Skincare seems obvious. We all know the importance of cleansing our faces and moisturizing regularly. However, skincare goes so much deeper than that. And as we age, our skincare routines should evolve to treat the common changes we experience over time, whether it’s fine lines, sun damage, or adult acne. Treat your skin to a new skincare routine with these tips: 

Calling Collagen

As we age our skin loses a vital protein called collagen. In fact, dermatologists say that by the time a person turns 30 our skin loses about 10 percent of its collagen. A lack of collagen can lead to an uneven and dull-looking skin complexion. After all, collagen is what gives skin its plumpness and fullness. Luckily, there are ways to boost collagen. A natural way to boost your production of collagen is by supplementing. There are a number of powder-based collagen supplements that can easily be added to smoothies, ensuring you’re getting a daily dose of this vital protein. Additionally, topical creams like vitamin A-based peptides and retinoids work to naturally boost your skin’s collagen production. 

Sun Protection 

Sun protection is something every skincare professional can agree on. The importance of protecting your skin from potentially harmful ultraviolet rays is pivotal to keeping skin looking and feeling its absolute best. Not just for the beach, experts say that sunscreen should be applied every single day. 

Start in the morning by applying a lightweight sunscreen in combination with your moisturizer. Dermatologists recommend applying the thinnest products first. Doing so will not only keep your skin hydrated throughout the day but protected from sun damage, too. Your future self will undoubtedly thank you for taking action to protect your skin from sun damage.


Vitamin C, retinol, and glycolic acid, oh my! What do all of these ingredients have in common? These skin care ingredients are at the top of skincare experts’ must-have list for great skin in your 40s. Antioxidant vitamin C is a powerhouse ingredient that works to brighten skin and combat hyper-pigmentation, a common concern when it comes to aging skin. Retinoids give your cells a boost and work to smooth the surface of your skin for supply, touchable soft skin all while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Similar to retinoids, glycolic acid also helps to minimize wrinkles and fine lines and this ingredient is gentle, too. So you don’t have to worry about drying out your skin. 

Adult Acne: It Happens 

According to the skin experts from the American Academy of Dermatology Association, acne can occur at any stage of life, not just in your teens. In fact, it’s not uncommon to develop acne into your 30s and even your 40s. Like many skin concerns, adult acne is treatable. There are specially developed multi-step skincare routines designed to treat not only adult acne but the signs of aging, too. By adopting a skincare routine for adult acne that incorporates a refining acne wash, clarifying toner, intensive acne treatment, and invisible matte sunscreen, you can clear and even prevent pesky future breakouts. And with daily, consistent use, you can look in the mirror and see clear, healthy-looking skin.

Skincare is so much more than cleansing and moisturizing. With these tips, from treating adult acne to protecting your sensitive skin from sun damage, you can achieve beautiful skin at any age.