I have been writing about taking care of our aging parents, 
so I was excited when writer and public educator M. Ellen Ward 
offered to do a guest post on this topic. Good Driving Information 
and Finding Proper Insurance is definitely important for drivers 
of any age, but especially our aging parents and relatives. 

Finding Affordable Auto Insurance for Elder Drivers
All drivers want to find the best price on their auto insurance coverage,
and that includes elder drivers. However, elder drivers may not realize
that they present a greater risk than the other drivers on the road do.
This means that they usually pay a higher price for their auto insurance.
Accident Avoidance Tips To Get the Lowest Possible Rates
By taking a few precautious measures, elder drivers can
ensure that they are getting the best possible price on their auto insurance policy.
The first thing is to avoid having accidents by paying better attention at intersections,
which is where most accidents involving seniors occur.
If you need to change lanes quickly at an intersection, be sure to look
ahead of you. Watch out for turn-only lanes with arrows indicating the
direction the traffic in that lane will go. When you stop, make sure your tires point
straight ahead, which will protect you from being pushed into oncoming traffic
in the event of a rear-end collision.
It is also important to mind the flow of traffic.
Try to maintain a speed that is as close to the limit as possible.
Keep in mind that driving too slowly can be as hazardous as driving too fast,
especially if you are exiting or entering a freeway.
Driving too slowly can also trigger road rage among the other drivers.
It is best to keep up with the flow of traffic to remain safe.
Pay attention to new traffic designs and current traffic laws.
A number of accidents involving seniors occur due to failing to yield
the right of way, incorrect lane changes and improper turning.
When you know the current traffic laws, you have a better chance
of avoiding an accident. For many elder drivers, operating their vehicles
at night poses a problem due to a reduction in night vision.
It is best to avoid driving during the twilight hours or after dark,
but if you must drive during these times, never wear
tinted glasses or sunglasses.
Finally, it is important to understand how to operate all the features on your car.
For example, features such as anti-lock brakes work differently under slippery
circumstances. If you are not familiar with operating a vehicle with
anti-lock brakes, you need to take the time to learn how
to use them properly.
Online Resources And Talking With your Agent


Because many elderly people do not feel entirely comfortable with
the internet, they often overlook online insurance quote services
and direct insurances available online.
There are some excellent online resources, though, that can really save
you money and help you shop around for competitive rates and better
coverage for your money. If this is not something you feel comfortable with
yourself, ask someone to help you check out the services available online.
Further, elders can save just like anyone else by taking advantage of
higher deductible rates (and the elderly often have the benefit of savings
behind them to make this an affordable option for them,
which is not always the case for younger drivers).
It is very likely that you can also qualify for savings by carrying
homeowners, auto, and other insurances with the same company.
When you speak with your insurance provider,
or when you shop online insurance companies, be sure to inquire about any
senior discounts that they may offer and also about good driver credits.
As you shop around for the best rates,
choose a company that treats elder drivers well.
As long as you are a safe and healthy driver and your car is up-to-date,
you will be able to get the lowest possible rates on auto insurance
for elder drivers.
M. Ellen Ward writes about various insurance-related topics and works to educate
the public of all ages about their rights and resources for more affordable
auto insurance. For more helpful tips and information,
visit the articles archives at www.nofaultinsurancequotes.org.
! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse