Recognizing that you have a problem and checking yourself into rehab takes a lot of determination. While going through a detox program, you’ll need to be kind to your body to help support your rehabilitation efforts. Here are some recommended ways you can keep your body strong and healthy during this difficult journey.

Stay Hydrated

One of the best things you can do for your body during and after your Orange County detox program is to stay hydrated. Not only is drinking water great for your body‘s hydration needs and functions, but it can also help support any detox program or medications your physician prescribes.

Eat Plenty of Fruits and Vegetables

Next, throw out all of your junk food such as chips, sweets, and fried foods, and start switching to healthier options. Opt for leafy green vegetables, such as spinach and kale, that are fortified with vitamin D and other nutrients. Additionally, pick colorful vegetables, such as sweet potatoes and carrots, to add beta-carotene to your diet. Fruits are also a great option when you’re feeling the need to snack on something sweet.

Add Lean Protein to Your Plate

You’ll also need to fuel your body and your brain during your Orange County detox program. Add lean protein to your plate to give yourself a healthy start. Consider eating lean proteins such as baked fish, skinless grilled chicken breast, and lean pork during your detox. These menu options are full of protein which benefits the brain and helps you feel fuller and more satisfied. They are also the building blocks to optimal health during this challenging phase.

Get Plenty of Exercise

Detoxing can wreak havoc on your body. Once you start to feel a little more energetic during your rehab program, it’s time to start adding exercise back to your routine. Even though you might still feel tired, a little bit of exercise can help get the blood flowing and improve your energy levels. Start off with small increments of exercise, such as short walks or going up and down stairs. Eventually, build up your tolerance by including strength training and cardio activities.

Be Around Supportive People

Besides seeking support for a healthy body from food, hydration, and movement, you also need to focus on rebuilding the way you think. Build a network of support with friends who will be there for you during your detox program. Avoid people who helped enable your prior bad habits. Instead, choose close friends and family members who are committed to seeing you succeed.

A prescribed detox program is only one step of your journey to sobriety. You can overcome your challenges with a whole-body approach to your new sober lifestyle.