As a product reviewer I try not to pick sides here….
the Journal 10 is one of my favorite products of all time.
I have had the journal for a few weeks now and I have had so much to
write about the Journal 10 that I haven’t been able to write the review.
It is a genius idea and one that is deeply meaningful.
The Journal 10+ is a journal that allows you the space to write
a few sentences for each day over a decade of time.
It has the flexibility to be a record keeper, a planner, and a goal setter.
When I found out that I could review the Journal 10+ I was
happy enough to be moved to tears because those
of you who know me are aware that my
memory is not as good
as it should be.
I also have an “all or nothing” personality which
makes keeping a journal difficult with 3 children and
a busy lifestyle when I feel as though I have to keep one for
each child and myself so I end up doing nothing at all.
I can easily keep an individual journal 10+ for each child when I am only required
to write a few sentences in each. I can certainly find 3 minutes per child
in the course of each day.
I have been keeping one for myself each night before bed, using mine as a
 journal to record memories rather than to plan goals and such.
It is so exciting and deeply comforting for me to know that anytime within
the next decade I can flip through my journal and spark memories
that might certainly have been forgotten; the little things
that matter so much like the funny thing my son said
at the dinner table, or the sweet text I received
from my husband in the middle of the day for no reason,
and the other things that I so desperately want to remember,
like the great advice I heard from a friend,
or the sentimental gift I got from my
family member for a special occasion.
I have never lived my life with regret,
but now that my children are older, I wish I would have
known about these Journals when they were younger.
The funny things kids say and do.
Their milestones, accomplishments and experiences.
With my son turning 18 in a few months I was thinking how amazing
it would have been to give him the journals of his life
as a right of passage into adulthood.
But! It is not too late for me at 41 to start my own journal as I have done
this past few weeks.
 And the Journal 10+ will be a thoughtful  high school
graduation gift for my son as he moves into adult hood and can record his
own memories of his life from college and beyond.
I recommend Journal 10+ as a gift to every new mother for their child,
for every newly engaged or married couple embarking on a life together,
and for every person wherever they are in life so that
they may begin on any random day recording
precious memories that will now last a lifetime.
Key features:
  • As you make each entry you see what was happening on that day in previous years
  • Re-reading triggers memories of people, place and events otherwise forgotten
  • Captures personal and family development and milestones
  • Takes just 5 minutes a day
  • No pressure to fill a blank page
Keeping a journal helps us tap into a deeper meaning in life. We can embrace our desires, hopes, and dreams, and more. Once you have learned to love the way journaling improves your life, start looking at other ways to find hidden meaning, such as tarot and numerology. Calculate your life path number to identify your strengths and weaknesses, e.g., people with life path 4 are hardworking and practical.
You Just Found Your  Perfect All Occasion Gift for Anyone and Everyone!
This review is from: Journal 10+ 2010-2020 (Library Binding)
I’ve been using one of these for the last nine years. It’s a huge help in remembering when you did what. Can’t remember what year you adopted the cat, but you know it was in July? Turn to your July summary page and, if you’ve recorded it, it will be there. Just enough room for each day. Your license expires in six years? Put a sticky note on that day. After all this time, the binding is still in great shape. I could not have designed a better book and when I’m done with this one, at the end of 2012, I plan on purchasing another.
Very satisfied. On my SECOND book!, February 26, 2009, Matt
I was given this journal as I began high school. I have probably only missed about 10% of the days. Looking back at high school, college and grad school not to mention friends, sports and trips has been wonderful. As a 28 year old, seeing myself on paper at age 14 is amazing. It triggers memories that you have, but cannot recall without this journal. I am now on my second journal and plan to buy one every 10 years. This is a great gift and record book. Highly recommended
Wonderful heirloom for future generations!, January 19, 2009, Margaret Love
I bought my first Journal 10+ back in 1998 and it’s been one of the best things I’ve ever spent my money on. Often, my husband will ask me what we did on a certain date and it’s so easy to look it up. I also have our medical and financial records kept in it, as well as our weight, automobile repairs, etc. I just started a new one for 2009-2019 and also bought one for my brother. It’s really a wonderful way to create an heirloom for your family, something to be cherished when you’re gone someday.