I have take Magnesium daily for many years because like so many of us, my lifestyle requires that I have a supplement to counteract the effects of my decisions such as drinking coffee, eating sweets and experiencing high levels of stress at times. You will be surprised at how many people should be taking magnesium supplements and most likely you should be taking them too! Did you know that almost every organ in the body requires magnesium to regulate nerve and muscle function, help create protein, synthesize DNA, build bone, and regulate blood sugar levels? This is a lot of important body functions that are effected by a simple mineral like magnesium. If you relate to the reasons below, talk to your doctor to find out if you should be taking magnesium to live a healthier life.

Surprising Reasons You Should Be Taking Magnesium

ONE: You consume caffeine in drinks or tablets, you are at risk of losing magnesium through your kidneys. Coffee, tea, energy drinks and diet tablets are all contributors to altering the magnesium levels regulated by your kidneys and you may need to supplement your diet.

TWO:  Drinking carbonated beverages increase phosphorous and this definitely depletes your body of minerals, especially calcium and magnesium. Drinking sodas on a regular basis that are sugary, caffeinated and carbonated are a bad combination and are a good reason to supplement magnesium.

THREE: Eating any foods with refined sugars cause your kidneys to excrete your body’s magnesium. This in turn makes your body unable to metabolize glucose into energy. And in addition, low magnesium levels can cause sugar cravings. It is a vicious circle to eat sugary foods.

FOUR: A diet that contains high-saturated fats causes digestive issues all the way from the stomach to the lower intestines. High saturated fats reduce magnesium, but the stomach needs magnesium to make stomach acid and pepsin. It is needed to neutralize stomach acid too. High fat foods effect the digestion in the intestines because magnesium helps relax muscles within the digestive tract, including the intestinal wall that moves your bowels so you can poop, but low magnesium levels mean dealing with uncomfortable, painful and unhealthy constipation.

FIVE: Research shows that people who experience stress have lower levels of magnesium and once their levels are up, their stress is reported to be lower. Magnesium relaxes your muscles, controls headaches and migraines, calms your brain and relaxes your body. It can even treat insomnia! With of these physical symptoms of stress tempered by magnesium you can’t help but to feel better.

Here are some more benefits of taking magnesium:

  • thwarts hypertension and cardiovascular disease
  • tempers kidney and liver damage
  • relieves PMS symptoms
  • may assist in curing impotence
  • helps with the absorption of calcium to prevent osteoporosis
  • can aid in calming muscle cramps, spasms and restless leg syndrome
  • lowers your risk of developing type-2 diabetes
  • can reduce depression and anxiety

A few foods that are rich in magnesium are: bananas, avocados, pumpkin, cashews, almonds, oats, spinach, beans and lentils.

Since many of us do not get our magnesium needs met in our diet, supplements are often necessary.

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