Many people confuse hemp with marijuana – and it’s an easy mistake to make. Hemp and marijuana are from the same plant, but they have a different chemical makeup which makes them function totally differently in your body. Unlike marijuana, hemp does not have enough THC in it to produce psychological effects; it will not give you a high like marijuana will. However, hemp can be consumed in foods in seed, powder, or leaf form – and has plenty of health benefits, including helping your immune system and digestion!

What Does Hemp Look Like?

Hemp seeds are tiny brown seeds, which from a distance look similar to quinoa or corn grain. They are not green, contrary to popular belief! Hemp powder is a green color, however – but don’t let that put you off. 

Is Hemp Good For You?

In short – yes. Hemp has many nutritional properties, including being very high in fatty acids like Omega 6, which is amazing to improve your cognitive function and digestion. Plus, if you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, hemp seeds are also high in protein. According to Healthline, hemp seeds are highly digestible – in fact, their proteins are more easily digestible than other seeds and vegetables! If you are looking to switch to a vegan diet, or even just reduce your animal product consumption, hemp is the perfect way to do so. In powder or seed form, hemp is safe and healthy to consume.

Hemp seeds are the easiest way to consume hemp as a food; they can be sprinkled in porridge, blended into a smoothie or included in a salad. Including hemp in your recipes has never been easier thanks to helpful plant based chefs and recipes which help you create delicious food with nutrients packed in for your health benefit!

Hemp Oil

Another way to consume hemp is in oil form. Many dermatologists swear by hemp oil as a way of clearing up acne and soothing irritated skin. This is due to the high protein and amino acids which promote healing and regeneration of cells. Hemp oil is not to be confused with CBD oil, which is extracted from different parts of the marijuana plant than hemp.

Is Hemp Related To Medical Marijuana?

While hemp and marijuana come from the same plant, they are not used in the same way. Medical marijuana is used as a painkiller, particularly for those with chronic pain. Doctors in regions where marijuana is legal can prescribe it as a helpful soother for pain. Hemp is legal everywhere, because it doesn’t produce a high. This post at Harvest explains it in more detail!


If you are looking to include more plant protein in your diet, consider investing in some hemp seeds, hemp powder or hemp oil. It will pack your diet with plant protein, contribute to your essential fatty acid levels and also provide a great healthy snack while you’re on the go!