*This is a sponsored post. Verilux provided a cleanwave wand to conduct an honest review. All opinions belong to jenny at dapperhouse.

I am not a germaphobe, but my family has had their share of contracting some very serious germs! I believe in a balance of strong immune systems and “normal” cleanliness as the best way to fight germs. Most germs are spread through droplets of saliva and other bodily fluids from infected people coughing, sneezing, talking, and wiping their nose and eyes. While washing hands is the best preventative way to avoid spreading and catching germs, it can only help so much. What happens when your freshly washed hands touch the handle of a door, a product in a store, or the arm of a friend who has just politely averted their sneeze into their sleeve. Think I am over exaggerating? Next time you are in a confined, pubic space, count how many ties people touch their faces and then something else. In the train, restaurants, grocery stores, gym, the coffee shop… Germs are everywhere and swiftly picked up by our clothing, purses, shoes. They are brought into our offices, vehicles and homes. Imagine if germs could glow, what the world would look like! (shudder)

Revolutionary magic wand to make the world clean and germ free cleanwave® @dapperhouse @Verilux #health

A strong immune system is the best defense but not enough for some things like flu viruses and strep infections. Often children, elderly and others have weak or compromised immune systems for a variety of reasons and need to take extra precautions. My husband for example, has a weak immune system because of his recent kidney transplant surgery.He has to function in normal society by taking the train into the city for work, traveling on airlines to business trips and going to the gym each day in an area that has high cases of flu and other contagious diseases.
If it were practical I would make him carry around a spray can of disinfectant spray, bleach wipes and my own giant dispenser of hand sanitizer. But, that is both crazy and impractical.
The brilliant people at Verilux sell a revolutionary tool called a cleanwave Sanitizing Wand. It has been proven 100% effective by the FDA and since then has undergone independent labs testing by skeptics only to be proven to work every single time. (Really, google it!)
A wave of the #cleanwave @verilux wand kills odors, bacteria, H1N1, MRSA, allergens and more safely and without harsh chemicals @dapperhouse #health
With safe UV-C light rays, my husband can be protected from truly life threatening germs in literal seconds. It only takes a wave of the wand to kill 99% of H1N1, MRSA, allergens, mold and more. It even destroys odors caused by bacteria! This medical grade technology has been used by industry professionals for many years and is now available (quite literally) in the palm of your hand with the cleanwave.
The cool thing is that there are no chemicals, no residue and no smells. When you use this wand people will stop to eagerly inquire about your new technology rather then give you the stink eye for using disinfectants wherever you go.
You can use the Verilux clean wave Sanitizing Wand on:
  • strollers
  • area rugs
  • pet beds
  • playground swings
  • electronics
  • keyboards
  • airline seats
  • hotel rooms and bedding
  • restaurant tables
  • salon surfaces
(get the picture – you will use this everywhere!)
I know you are as excited as I am about this mess free way to be safe and healthy. It is an investment for your family that you will use for a lifetime.
There is a hassle free, smaller, portable version for $59 and a large one to keep at your home, classroom or office for $99. A very small price to pay for health and peace of mind.
If my son or I get sick the CleanWave Sanitizing Wand will make it so much easier for me to disinfect our home so that it doesn’t spread to my husband. And, I won’t have to use chemicals in my home which thrills me!
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What do you think about this convenient, fast and eco-friendly way to keep your life germ free?