Last year I was in Graduate School and student teaching and working…and I let the family fend for themselves for a good 3 months. One of the sad results of my being so busy is that my son turned 9 and did not have a birthday party with friends. This year I had to make it up to him. I told him anything goes and he chose a 15 boy sleepover party! (oh Lord help me) That is a LOT of sweaty, screaming, hyper ten year olds to entertain from 6:00 pm until 8 am the next day. We did the normal games and snacks and a movie too. But to keep them all genuinely entertained at the same time? I have the answer. And I will share it with you. .

The boys played outside until dark then we had pizza and snacks.
They had a fart contest and burped  A LOT.
They colored for a bit (my scheme to calm them down while they ate).
But like a pot of water just seconds from a rolling boil
you could feel the crazy tension in the air as
they were ready for more physical activity!
They took the balloons I had blown up for them to
pop and destroy and they all filled their
clothing and laughed at each other.
But 10 minutes later and literal HOURS to go in the party
I had all of these boys screaming and jumping at me asking me
“What are we going to do now?”
So I got out the Sports Edition of Reverse Charades.
All of the boys are playing sports and love to watch sports
so they were EXCITED. Because I don’t have permission to put
the kids on a public website we let the birthday boy go first…
(although the point of Reverse Charades is to have
the group act it out for one person)
Then we broke them up into teams and played rounds
until they needed a drink break. It was so funny to see how confused the
boys would get trying to guess a word from so many
different interpretations! It makes the game hilarious.
Then they played flashlight tag in the house with the lights off until
all the spots were used up and then
more Reverse Charades!!
They watched a little bit of a movie, then got bored . . .
and more Reverse Charades!!

At bedtime they took the cards to the basement to play some more.

The game is really fun because the words can be guessed and acted out by both children and adults!
My older son and I actually tried a few ourselves and I admit I thought it would be easier than it was to act them out. I was either really good at guessing or my son was really good at acting them out.

We have the junior edition too which is going to be so Fun and more difficult because rather than knowing to guess within the genre of sports, with the Junior Version of  Reverse Charades we will have no idea what types of words are coming out way! We are excited to have a new family game!!
Look at how fun this is. . .

You can also buy extension packs that include Holidays, Awesome 80’s, and Girls Night In.
SUPER FUN for EVERYONE! And of course at this time of year I am thinking Holidays, so what a perfect gift to get for a Family with the extension packs for individual members! It is a Great Gift Idea!

I am in charge of planning and putting on the
Holiday Party for my son’s class at school
and the kids loved it so much that I am definitely taking
Reverse Charades!