I am a vegetarian and was excited to have the
 opportunity to review the book:
Revenge of the Vegetarian
by: Jim Tilberry


It is a highly comedic, easy read 
related to vegetarianism.
Some Sections in the Book Include:
Coming Out
Q and A from Vegetarians
Respect My Tofu
Social Situations
Vegetarian Zodiac
What’s Your VQ?
I was reading it in bed last night annoying my husband with my sudden
outbursts of laughing. He is not a vegetarian so I wasn’t sharing
with him ;0)  but finally after interrupting yet another shot 
on his iphone angry birds marathon, he asked me 
“What is SO FUNNY?” 
I read him the part that I was reading at the time and he actually LOVED it
and used the joke this morning on a vegetarian employee of his at work.
THIS is what was “SO FUNNY”…
On page 29 of the book the Author Answers a Significant 
Question from a Reader. Here is the Excerpt.
“Q. I’m concerned that if I ever have an accident and need a blood
transfusion, I might be given blood from a meat eater. When admitted to 
the hospital, is there a way to ensure that I only get vegetarian blood?
A. Unfortunately not. Hospitals do not make an effort to keep meat eaters’ 
blood separate from vegetarians’ blood. That is why after surgery many 
vegetarians crave bacon cheeseburgers.”


I LOVE the concept of us veggie lovers blood banking 
in case of an emergency!


I also like the list of foods that vegetarians can eat like
water, mustard, nutritional yeast and tree bark,
or the delicious 
fruit – bean – pickle – and – ice-cube salad. 
Which is SO TRUE of this stereotype! People are always asking  
“Well if you dont eat meat than what CAN you eat?”

to which I personally answer; “Everything Else”. 
And I LOVE the dating advice throughout the book that had my sides hurting!
Like when the author recommends that if you are going to have a dating
group, don’t call it a “meat” up/ meet up. 
I especially like the kissing condom for your face that attaches with
bands that stretch over your ears to avoid
any meat debris or particles getting into your clean vegetarian
mouth when kissing a meat eater. SO FUNNY!


I suggest that you read this very funny book!

I will leave you with part of my Aquarius Horoscope
according to Jim Tilberry:

You are clever. After drinking a Naked Brand Fruit smoothie on the way to 
work, you tell your co-workers that you were just in your car drinking naked,
and no one seems surprised. 

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! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse