Coming home to a messy house can be stressful after a long day. Keeping up with healthy habits to maintain a clean and tidy house can allow you to get back to an organized space. Cleaning and tidying can seem like boring tasks, but with some simple routine adjustments, they can be made to be much simpler. Feeling the benefits of a clean and tidy house should not require overwhelming maintenance, so consider introducing these simple steps into your day to see a difference.

  • Making the Bed

Taking a couple of minutes at the start of the day to make the bed can change how it feels to walk into the room at the end of the day. As the centerpiece of the room, a messy bed makes for a messy room, whereas a neat bed makes the bedroom feel put together. To make this chore easier, simplify the bedding used, such as eliminating layers or reducing the number of pillows.

  • Clean Regularly Not Perfectly

A spring clean can help to transform the home, but this does not mean that every cleaning day must be extensive. Adopting the habit of cleaning after any mess is made can help to maintain a clean and tidy house and avoid the buildup of chores. Focusing on tiny details will waste time and discourage taking time to clean up.

  • Stock up on Supplies

If cleaning products are easily accessible, they are more likely to be used. Keeping relevant items in each room of the house can help form a habit of taking a few minutes to clean and tidy up, for instance, wiping down unclean surfaces or dusty mirrors. 

  • Keep up with the Laundry

It is so easy to procrastinate laundry days, but piles of dirty washing can build up and become unmanageable. Scheduling time for laundry can help to keep the house clean and tidy. 

  • Put Clothing Away

After laundry has been done, it is important to nearly store the clean clothing. Organize clothing by searching for drawers, shelves, and plastic hangers for sale to easily optimize the space.

  • Declutter

Taking time to dispose of or donate items that are no longer used will clear up a significant amount of space and keep a house looking organized. Clutter can make it difficult to clean by getting in the way and making it too much of a chore to get through. Consider decluttering if no amount of cleaning is reducing the appearance of a messy home.

  • Invest in Equipment

Using technology to support chores can be beneficial. High-quality vacuums and steam mops make cleaning much more efficient, as well as electronic scrubbers for deep cleaning surfaces. There are even self-cleaning robots available now to help those who struggle to keep up with chores.

  • Make a Schedule

It can be highly beneficial to make a written schedule to follow. This can include scheduling time for chores like cleaning surfaces and floors, dusting, doing the dishes, taking out the trash, and a weekly deep clean. The whole family can get involved and take responsibility to share the workload.

Maintaining a clean and tidy house can be done with minimal changes like making the bed, cleaning as you go, stocking up on supplies, keeping up with laundry and clothing organization, decluttering, investing in cleaning equipment, and making a household schedule to tackle weekly chores. These steps will reduce the buildup of dirt and mess.