There is an amazing company called litographs that prints the text of classic literature onto tees and posters. I have a tee from the story Moby Dick that has the text from the Classic Novel printed directly onto the tee and has a negative space design of the whale and water. Litographs sent me a poster of my choice for free for this review. It is the same concept as the tee! My husband is an executive with an International Environmental Firm in Downtown Chicago. He recently moved to a new office and wanted decor that represented his job and his personality. He wanted unique and cool. Something timeless and engaging. When I showed him this poster from “Around the World in 8o Days” he instantly wanted it. Check out the Amazing details of the posters! They come in color as ween here or in black and white as seen at the litograph store. 

Stand back and see a sleek and meaningful poster.

Get up close and see that the picture is made from the

actual printed text from the book!




Below is a picture of it in our hallway before it went off to be framed for my husband’s new office. I am ordering two for this space because my family loves these posters and as an avid reader, I do too!

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There are SO MANY amazing options of stories. There are a few here, but go to their website for all available posters and tees. Their products are the highest quality. The posters are thick and gorgeous. Can you believe that they are only $29! That is correct.

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Only $29 – SUPER affordable to decorate your classroom, dorm room, child’s room, nursery, bedroom, living room, library and MORE!

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