I like that Purity consulted a team of prominent coffee industry professionals, scientists, cuppers, and medical practitioners to help them make the best decisions on maximizing the health benefits of already high-quality coffees. The Research speaks volumes which is why Purity coffee stand behind their product and its benefits.

Here is the quick version of why you should be drinking 100% organic, health-conscious PURITY Coffee. . .

  • Coffee is among the top foods which can lower your risk of developing many different types of cancer. Multiple studies have proven coffee’s amazing cancer fighting qualities, but there is still much research and testing that needs to be done in the area of cancer prevention. We proudly donate a portion of our revenue each year to the American Institute of Cancer Research in an effort to help support their continuing studies. Click here to read more about the AICR’s research on coffee and its role in cancer prevention.
  • goal is to present the original scientific research that clearly proves coffee is beneficial to human health and give people a new reason to drink coffee. Consumers have a right to know that there is a discernible difference between healthy and unhealthy coffee, and that it is important to use health, in addition to taste, as a driver in choosing coffee.
  • Oxygen, moisture and sunlight are the main factors that cause staling in coffee at home. Because Purity ships the freshest coffee every month, freezing your coffee is not necessary, as long as you store your coffee in an airtight container and avoid storing coffee in areas of humidity and direct sunlight.
  • Coffee beans roasted at optimal temperatures to pull out optimal amount of antioxidants. This process reduces the side effects of coffee (anxiousness, jitters, coffee crash)