We love our dog Reese. He has been with us over a week and is a full fledged, life long member of the family. You can read about his rescue if you want the background story or I can let you know that we got him from some generous people who kept him from a kill shelter and cared for him for 8 months until they found him a home. . . our home. He is a sweet old guy who loves to play, cuddle and guard his family. He snores while he sleeps, pees a little when he is greeted by someone he loves, enjoys a warm bath, and really likes to go on walks as long as it is not too cold outside.

My son and I took him to visit his foster family who are the owners and workers at
The Dog Patch Pet and Feed in Naperville Illinois.

The second Reese got out of the car in the parking lot it was obvious that he was excited! He ran to the front door and each time one of the people he knew would greet him by kneeling down, he would stand on their laps and kiss their faces with pure love. Then he cried and scratched frantically at the door to enter the kennel area. One of the workers said “Reese buddy, you don’t have to go in there anymore now that you have a home” but Reese would not listen and really wanted to through that door. A lady who works there said “he is doing that out of 8 months of habit” but I felt that this was a beautiful sign that Reese was cared for and loved while he was there. I am grateful to The Dog Patch for finding us our sweet boy.

If you are in the Illinois area and want to find a perfect match for your family you can follow The Dog Patch facebook page for the new puppies and dogs they rescue. In 2012 they rescued and re-homed 191 dogs and over 200 cats and kittens. (But I think we are the luckiest of all for getting our Reese).

(I get a LOT of slobbery dog kisses when we are sitting at the computer) 

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse