Moving to a new place can be such a stressful time and an overwhelming experience for a friend or family member, especially if they’re doing it alone. At times, it can even get expensive when they factor in the moving truck rental, the movers, and the necessities that add up (such as furniture, housewares, equipment, and appliances). Once the moving dust settles, their home can be the most cozy and relaxing place in the entire world — especially if they’re gifted items from their loved ones that they can use to feel at home. Here a few housewarming gift ideas to do just that. 


New bedding in a new place is always necessary as it creates inspiration and a focal point for new decor. Although you may not know the color scheme of their bedrooms, you can give your loved ones some cozy sheets to go along with their bed dressing styles. Neutral colors are always best, such as white, cream and beige, as they tend to go with any bed set. A sheet set such as Ela Lane sateen sheets are made from organic cotton with longer threads so they’re able to last longer. 

Plant Kit

It seems like the popularity of potting plants has grown as millennials have taken a big interest. A house plant brings so many benefits to a home by purifying the air, improving focus, reducing stress, and can even boost moods. Gifting a plant kit in a stylish planter from Palmer Planter Company is a great way to gift an item that not only provides many benefits, but can be used as a must-have decor item. If the receiver is a pro, you may want to gift a taller plant. If your receiver is a beginner, you may want to choose low-maintenance plants such as succulents and cacti, or a plant like the Snake Plant (both are among the most popular).

Kitchen Gadgets 

There’s nothing more exciting than breaking in a new kitchen with your first cooked meal in a new home. Gifting items like a new set of kitchen gadgets containing measuring cups, spoons, a cheese grater, spatula, can opener, peeler, a whisk, and even a pizza slicer is a gift that is sure to be used and appreciated. If you’re willing to spend a little extra, a pressure cooker is a great gift to make life easier for the new homeowner. Other gadgets such as a slow cooker or an air fryer are both extremely useful gifts that are sure to get your money’s worth and the new homeowner excited to find any reason to get some practice in their new kitchen. 

Bartender Kit

Part of owning a new home is being able to host parties. If you know the new homeowner loves a good cocktail, gifting them a bartender kit will give them more reason to invite people over to enjoy a few drinks while spending time together. Along with the kit, add a cocktail recipe book to help them discover new drinks and guide them to perfecting a signature cocktail. Not only is this type of gift budget friendly, it’s also a must-have for any housewarming party. 

Gift Cards

You can never go wrong with gift cards. Gift cards to home stores like HomeGoods, Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy’s, and even Amazon, may allow the homeowner to get necessities that don’t make for a glamorous housewarming gift. Home necessities like a nice trash can, a few laundry baskets, a welcome mat — are all items that are a little out of place to gift. A gift card can come in handy for these types of items and also provide a way to purchase whatever house items they weren’t aware they needed. 

If all else fails, a personalized item will make a great welcome home gift for any homeowner.