Everyone gets excited when someone they know announces they are expecting a baby. In fact, sometimes it may seem like all of her friends and family are even more excited than what she is! Lots of women love going out to buy presents and gifts for their expecting friends – it’s just like Christmas when it comes to buying gifts!

However, when people buy mother and baby gifts, they often buy the most adorable things that they see rather than something practical that a mother might actually want or need for their newborn. Do you want to make sure you impress your expecting friend by getting them a gift that they actually want? Here are some gift ideas that will come in very useful once the new baby arrives.

Babysitting Vouchers

Once the baby arrives, there is no doubt that your friend will have no more time left for themselves! They will be way too busy with baby and trying to juggle all of their usual chores and housework, that they won’t be able to enjoy date nights quite as much with their partner or just nip out to the supermarket to pick up some groceries. So, why not make some cute babysitting vouchers to give to your friend? Of course, you don’t need to make some vouchers – you can just tell her to let you know whenever she needs someone to come around and look after the baby.

Meal-Delivery Vouchers

Something else that your friend won’t have much time for will be cooking and preparing meals. All of their time and effort will go on their baby, and they will be too busy to feed and look after the little one than deal with their own cooking. So, why not do them a big voucher and get them some meal-delivery vouchers. There are now lots of companies that will send recipes and prepared ingredients directly to your door. All you have to do is mix them together, pop them in the oven and wait until the meal is done. This will be a big help for your friend as it will really cut down on their cooking time and make preparing meals so much easier.

Baby Clothes In Different Sizes

You might think that buying baby clothes as a gift is too much of a cliche, but the truth is that you can never have too many baby clothes! I’m sure your friend will really appreciate all of the clothes that they are given. Just remember to buy a few pieces in different sizes so that your friend has plenty of clothes as their baby starts to grow. You can gift them these Olive and Bean baby moccasins so that they look cute when taken on days out. Onesies and pajamas will also come in very useful too, and I’m sure you will be able to find some super cute ones that come in bright patterns.

Bibs And Burp Cloths

It’s also true that parents can never have too many bibs and burp cloths. Babies can be very messy, especially when they are being fed. They will manage to get it everywhere! At the rate that young infants need to be fed, your friend will need to have a lot of bibs that they can reach for at any given minute. It’s the same with burp cloths. It can sometimes be hard to tell when a little one needs to be burped, so your friend will find that she needs a few strategically places burp clothes around the house so that there is always one to hand when needed.

A Pamper Hamper

Once your friend becomes a new mom, they might find that their usual beauty regime starts to slide as their time gets taken up by their new baby. They will find that they don’t have much time to look after their skin care or slip off to a beautician to get a manicure, pedicure, or their eyebrows waxed. So, why not treat them to a pamper hamper? Lots of department stores sell hampers that are filled with lots of pampering goodies, such as skin creams, exfoliators, and face masks. Alternatively, if you can find your own hamper, you could always buy a few of your own beauty products to place in. You might want to add a few other goodies, such as a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine so that your friend can really treat herself!

So, what will you buy for your expecting friend?