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I am IN LOVE with foxes. fox figurines, fox pillows, I have a fox shirt and a fox mug and even fox socks! I decided that a cute fall animal friend for an any occasion gift bag would be a fun DIY post so here is what I made to share with you!

DIY Original Art Fox Bag - jenny at dapperhouse


First I did a bunch of different sketches until I had the elements that I though would make a cute fox. Then I drew it out with a pencil to correct my mistakes and lastly, I used my shaky hand to trace it over with a black sharpie.

sketch out a little fox or print this one to use


You can drag and drop this to a word doc to size it and print it for your own use.  *If you use publish it please credit me and write for my permission to use it for sale in any way.

Next I colored it in with a marker.

color in the fox with marker or pencil

I filled my paper sack with goodies and stapled the top.

fill your bag with treats or gifts and staple at the top

Then I cut out the fox and applied glue to the back.

cut out the fox and add glue to the back

Then I adhered the fox to the bag and ta da, I LOVE IT!

attach the fox to the front of the bag

I hope that you have fun with it too.

What is your favorite animal?