Preparing for a new baby is a tremendous amount of work.
It is joyful and exciting work, but stressful none the less.
Below is an infographic that I posted because it has the
perfect bits of advice for a parent of a new baby!

And, because I myself use mygofer, I agree that this
service is a God send for new moms by relieving
much stress and anxiety for everyone involved. 

I remember being so tired, needing a shower, not having
time to do the laundry and then realizing I have only one
diaper left. That my friends is when you call
to pick up your necessities and kindly bring them to your door.
And dont worry, they wont judge you when you open the
door with a crying baby, dark circles under your eyes and
baby spit up down the shoulder of your oversized tee. 🙂 

Mom to Be

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse